Head injury claims the life of Wauneta farmer Kirby Kitt

| 10/18/2016 |

By Russ Pankonin

The Wauneta Breeze

Funeral services were held Monday for Wauneta farmer Kirby Kitt, 63.

Kitt passed away Thursday, Oct. 6, in a Lincoln hospital from a brain injury after suffering a blow to his head Tuesday, Oct. 4.

According to his daughter, Kristi McNair of Imperial, her father suffered a subdural hematoma. That’s when bleeding occurs under the skull and outside the brain, creating pressure on the brain. It’s usually caused from a severe head injury.

McNair said her dad and his brother, Keith, were working cattle Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 4. Kirby was pulling on a rope on the chute when the rope broke, causing Kirby to fall backwards, hitting his head on bare ground.

McNair said they continued working cattle and Kirby returned home that evening, showing no symptoms from the injury.

The next day, he wasn’t showing any symptoms other than saying he felt some body aches, she said.

He returned to their farm Wednesday morning and began suffering from a severe headache.

Keith told him to go home and offered a ride, but Kirby drove himself home.

After no answer from Kirby on his cell or home phone, Keith went over to Kirby’s home.

McNair said her dad had made it out of the pickup, where Keith found him. He was breathing but unconscious. Kirby’s wife, Mary, was working and was not home at the time.

Kitt was transported by ambulance to the Chase County Community Hospital. He was later transported by air to Lincoln’s Bryan West hospital.

A CT scan there showed the bleeding had worsened, jeopardizing his prognosis.

He remained on life support until all family members arrived Thursday morning. He died that afternoon.

McNair said they read that seeking medical attention within an hour after suffering a blow to the head is crucial.

People suffer blows to the head all the time, she noted. Her dad never showed symptoms until the following day and at that point, the prognosis for recovery was not good.

She urged people to seek precautionary medical attention right away to avoid what they experienced.

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