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Author sees dream come true, hopes to inspire others PDF Print E-mail


By Tim Linscott
Managing Editor
Naomi Schmitt, 19, first entered the world of Amensdale in sixth grade. It is a magical land of goblins, shape-shifters, immortals and dragons.
This world has come to life in her first novel, ‘Allur,’ which she signed copies of at the Hastings Memorial Library in Grant on Friday, Sept. 13.
“This is pretty neat,” Schmitt said at the event.
She started on the project in sixth grade, as a hobby, and for the last three years began the process of finishing, editing and refining her book.
“Once Linda (Young) said she liked what I had, I began working on it every day. I had a schedule I would work every night,” Schmitt said.
Schmitt met local publisher Linda Young at a book signing in Grant and immediately ran home to get what she had written so far. Young knew this young girl had talent and potential.
“This is an incredible opportunity to help someone as talented as Naomi. She just has a natural ability,” Young said. “It is a difficult process to come up with the finished book. It is a blessing to have first time authors to work with.”
Schmitt graduated from Perkins County High School in 2012 and received the Nebraska Young Artist Award in 2011.
At first she began picking at the project when boredom set in, but after meeting with publisher Young, finishing the book moved to the forefront for Schmitt.
Schmitt would always make up stories while playing as a child and she became inspired to start the novel when ‘Eragon’ by Christopher Paolini, who was just 15 when he published his first book, later became a movie.
“To be that young and be published and have a movie, that is what really made me want to write a novel,” Schmitt said.
‘Allur’ is written for young readers and follows the journey of Jerriney, a young girl who is to fulfill a prophecy that will save the world. She is accompanied by a shape-shifter, an orphan and an immortal along a perilous adventure.
After reading the book, Schmitt hopes young people are not only entertained by the story, but inspired to go after their dreams.
“I hope it helps them see that you can be young and meet their dreams. Stick to it and follow your dreams,” Schmitt said.
Randy and Lisa Schmitt of Grant are very pleased with how their daughter has followed her passion in life and produced her first novel.
“We are so proud of her,” Randy Schmitt said. “She has been working on this a long time.”
“We’ve been encouraging her to write and draw what she’s thinking. When she started this book, we told her if she really wanted to get it published, we’d be there for her,” Lisa Schmitt said, adding that Noami is a true writer as she did not reveal any secrets to mom and dad before the book was done.
‘Allur’ is available locally (Hatch’s) and can be purchased online, and an e-book version is available through Kindle.
Schmitt will begin working in Lincoln soon and is working on her second novel, ‘Reign of Kaos.’ She has four more books planned in the future.
“There are plenty of options out there. I have a pretty good imagination,” Schmitt said. “I hope this works out to be a good career opportunity for me.”