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We need to build a ladder

Tim Linscott

You could call it a step ladder. Several rungs high that will eventually help the community grow.
The process of setting up this ladder has already begun by the Grant city council and mayor. This process should help Grant reach full potential, and in my opinion, this ladder effect could reach out beyond Grant and help other communities from Venango to Madrid, Elsie, Brandon and the rural population in bewtween bolster numbers, services and businesses.
Southwest Nebraska Community Betterment Corporation has the expressed duty of facilitating the need for low to moderate income housing in the region. Perkins, Chase, Hayes, Dundy and Hitchcock counties are all under the umbrella of SWNCBC.
Now that a Community Redevelopment Committee (CRA) has been established and the city has laid the groundwork for annexing property to begin housing additions, the framework for the ladder is in place.
Housing is extremely tight in Grant with very few homes available, let alone larger, multi-room homes. There is very little land to build those medium to large houses, so people either live somewhere else and work in Grant or take what they can find for housing.
With some housing additions now looking likely in Grant there is potential for people to move to those areas, vacating the house they currently own or rent.
That will allow folks in a lower housing unit to move up into those ‘medium’ housing areas.
This is where SWNCBC comes in as they can help refurbish some of the lower units into quality housing or the houses can be eventually taken down with income-based housing units replacing them.
People get to move into better homes, dilapidated homes get remodeled and/or people in need of housing get new units to live in, and in the process the community can get some new looks to neighborhoods.
With Grant reaching its full potential of housing, other communities could benefit as the influx of people into Grant will mean more goods and service businesses will be needed. The housing market, and even the goods and services business market, could spill over to other communities.
This movement is one that is taking place, albeit slowly, but moving forward. The horizon is bright for the community and I hope that this ladder is a long one for Grant and Perkins County.