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Subtle hint leads to organized drawers

Lori Pankonin

CRASH! Oh no! I knew the staples for that little stapler were in that drawer somewhere. Oops. In my haste, I pulled the drawer out just a tad bit too far to check in the very very back. And that’s when the drawer tipped and the majority of its contents splashed to the floor, scattering hither and yon.
If my sweet four-year-old granddaughter was involved in such an incident, she would look up with innocence and say, “It was an accident.”
Yes, it was an accident. Or was it? Do you ever get the feeling that something was meant to happen to give you a major hint. No doubt about it, it was time to clean out that drawer!
Well there was no time right then so the remaining contents in the drawer got dumped into a box with the scattered collection from the floor sprinkled on top. I grabbed a magnet from the refrigerator to capture the mass of paper clips and anything else that came along with them.
What is it that creates crumbs in drawers? I’ve learned I’m not the only one who ends up with little crumbs in the silverware drawer. Only clean silverware gets put in there. Where do the crumbs come from?
The task of sorting through the box didn’t happen until the weekend. And in the meantime, I dumped the contents of two other drawers from the bathroom on top of my original collection. Heck. While we’re at it, let’s get some other areas of my life organized. There’s nothing like wasting time looking for things that should be readily available, only because there’s nonsense “stuff” that is never used in the way.
STOP! I had to draw the line at those three drawers. Temptation hollered at me to dump three more drawers. Then past experience reminded me that it’s important to finish at least one project before starting on three more. Yes, it was a MUST to have the sorting counter totally cleared by the end of the day.
Pins, markers, colors, pencils, staplers, staples, stamps, return address labels, clips, clips and more clips, matches, lighters, keys, hole punchers, rulers, highlighters, scratch pads, sticky notes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, fingernail stuff, combs, brushes, hair pins, girlie hair stuff for the granddaughters, etc., etc. Oh and lots of crumbs, dust, bits of paper and much to be tossed.
Why so many clips? When was the last time I even used a clip? Yes, they might come in handy at some point, but no need to have hundreds. That began the bag of items to go to the office. I found myself filling little Ziploc bags with various items to either put in another place or just keep together in the drawer.
A place for everything; everything in its place. Oh if only that old familiar saying would guide my habits and those of my husband’s on a daily basis. Although I try to adopt that concept, somehow I’m getting more and more convinced that such actions will happen in our next lifetime. I’ll enjoy it in my dreams.
In the meantime, three drawers are now very organized in my home. More drawers, cupboards, closets and rooms await my attention. The process is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience! Patience! Patience!