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Selling sweet corn is a common sight this time of year. Main street, Elsie, had its own sweet corn vendors on July 29.
Kelan Sis and Derek Sis, both of Elsie, make up K & D Sweet Corn, an entrepreneur business that they have been running for three years.
This sweet corn business was started by Kelen’s older brother, Cameron, and passed on to Kelan who brought in his cousin Derek to help.
The young men pick the corn to sell from their fathers’ cornfields. They admit they have a lot of help and can get it all picked in an hour.
Kelan says he is the jokester of the bunch while they pick, and they often have a friendly competition to see who can pick the most corn the fastest.
K & D Sweet Corn has had a busy season, selling both in Madrid and Elsie. They sell corn for a couple of weeks for $5 a dozen. The boys split the profits 50/50. Kelan and Derek appreciate the many costumers who have bought corn this year and look forward to selling corn again next year.