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By Tim Linscott

The Chase County Fair really gave me an opportunity to see my kids in a new, yet familiar light.
My son, Elijah, was a bit ramped up from all of the activity and people around. He fought taking a nap. I was hoping the old, ‘Run some errands’ trick I used when the kids were toddlers would work. Elijah has figured that out and kept steadfast in his no-napping protest. As soon as we left for the night, around 9 p.m., we didn’t even make it out of Imperial and he was asleep.
My middle daughter Olivia proved to be the daredevil of the children. She rode the two scariest rides, one where she was suddenly dropped several hundred feet and the other where she was lifted several hundred feet and spun around. I am not sure how much of wanting to go on those rides was bravado and how much was actual thrill seeking.
Our oldest, 10, hung out with her friends and didn’t want to go on any thrill rides. She usually does and I wasn’t sure why the change of heart until Monday morning when she woke up with the flu. She fought it long enough to make it to the fair.