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Watkins reunion held

The 69th annual Watkins Family Reunion was held on Aug. 10, 2014 at the Grant City Park. Twenty-seven members were in attendance to enjoy a pot luck dinner and time to reconnect as a family. The family was treated to homemade ice cream courtesy of Wayne and Barbara Aten.
The family gave a moment of silence for members who have passed away in the past year. This included Brunhilda Watkins of Eugene, Ore. She had passed away recently in an auto accident. She was the daughter-in-law of Howard Watkins.
Celebrations include: farthest distance traveled, Dale and Bonnie Workman, and Gary and Becky Dugan, who came from Los Gatos and Cupertino, Calif. The longest married couple honor went to Wayne and Barbara Aten, Goodland, Kan., 67 years. The shortest married couple was Joel and Sara Watkins from Venango, two-and-a-half years.  
The oldest member was Dolores Sexson, Grant, at 93 years. Youngest member was Derek Sis, Elsie, 15 years old.
Other celebrations: Anita Watkins had received a letter from a distant relative in England, who traced the family through genealogy. Stephanie and Will Schroeder had a baby girl, Claire Elise, recently. Stephanie is the daughter of Dale and Bonnie Workman. Greg and Cheri Sis will be grandparents soon, as Brent and Nikki Downey are expecting. Howard Watkins of Coos Bay, Ore. will celebrate his 100th birthday in October.
Family members present were: Wayne and Barbara Aten, Goodland, Kan., Ken and Ray Jacobson,  Nancy Sally, Aurora, Colo., Greg Aten, Lincoln, Jim Jacobson, Sterling, Colo., Dale and Bonnie Workman, Los Gatos ,Calif., Gary and Becky Dugan, Cupertino, Calif., Mildred Seeley, Haxtun, Colo., Dennis  and Anita Watkins, Joel and Sara Watkins, Venango, Greg, Cheri and Derek Sis, Elsie, Josh Sexson, Imperial, Beverly Norman, Ardith Sexson, Tom and Cathy Willhite,  Dolores Sexson, Doug and Shari Sexson, all from Grant.
Next year the family will celebrate the 70th edition of the Watkins Reunion. It will be held on the second Sunday in August at the Grant City Park.

Red Hatters enjoy western show

Twelve Red Hat ladies enjoyed a delicious meal and show in Ogallala on Aug. 14. The show is known for their shootout with the rustlers, tin horn drovers, gamblers and cowboys of years gone by.  It features dances and comedy of past years.
The players are all local talent from the surrounding area soon to be leaving for college or returning to their final year of high school. They asked the patrons where they were from and one Red Hat guest from Colorado was teased about the Buffalo football team. Fun and laughter was the rule for the evening.  
Hostesses for the August meeting were Nancy Hansen and Katie Woodhead. The September meeting will be held in North Platte.