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Wallace discusses adding golf PDF Print E-mail

By Tim Linscott Managing Editor

Much like a golfer taking their time and lining up a shot perfectly before swinging, the Wallace School Board would like to line up all information before possibly adding golf to the roster of sports offered at the school district.
At the Aug. 12 Wallace school Board meeting, board members looked at information provided by superintendent Tom Sandberg from other school districts in the conference on how golf is handled.
The proposal to add golf to Wallace would mean the golf course in Sutherland, Oregon Trail Golf Course, would be used and would have a start-up cost for the program of $6,500, according to Sandberg.
The cost of paying a coach, membership to the golf course and transportation costs were figured into the $6,500.
The proposal would include girls playing with boys in the spring and players would provide their own clubs.
Kenny Ogier expressed his opinion that he felt there were constantly transportation issues within the district and the $6,500 may wind up being more money to get the program off the ground.
“We have vehicle issues all the time. In March the kids are really busy with things and we’re adding 10 more things on the calendar. I can see another van and driver needed, so this $6,000 went a lot higher in my opinion,” Ogier said.
Board member Conrad Nelson felt the district had other goals that needed to be accomplished before other things were adopted.
The biggest question on the minds of the board members was how much of an interest was there for golf? Several students and parents attended the board meeting in support of adding golf, however, the board felt it prudent that Sandberg survey students to get a number of how many would participate in golf if it were offered.
Athletic Director Kory Rohde explained that the last day to register for spring sports is Jan. 1, 2015. He would look into information on getting a schedule put together but was not certain it could be done at this juncture for the 2015 season.
“Planning is done a year ahead. I could get into a meet but I am not sure,” Rohde said.
Wrestling, cross country and even rugby were other sports bantered around as other options for the district as well as golf. Sandberg will look into getting a feel for how many students are interested in golf and report back to the school board at the September school board meeting.