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Football season is here

By Larry Pritchett

We are just starting a new school year and like all new starts, everyone is looking forward to what the results will be in all our sporting activities.
For the fall it will be a groundbreaking event in football at PCS.  Eight-man football live and in living color hits the gridiron at Haenfler Field. I know that a lot of discussion has happened about this change, but it is here and it is time to embrace the change and see how things will work. I know in the early stages of this situation I didn’t want to see it happen, but like a lot of things, if you take a little of the emotion out of it then you can see why it had to be done.
What it boils down to is that football is football and there will just be fewer players on the field during the game.
I think I have mentioned that in my high school days I played two seasons of six-man football and then in my junior year we switched to eight-man and then at Fort Hays got to play eleven-man.
In all honesty, six-man was the toughest. Everyone had to be a player. It was faster and speed was a killer for you if you had it and it killed you if you didn’t have it. Yes, I had none. I must have made up for it with some other skill because I got to play, but I don’t know what the skill was that I possessed.
We will see a little different schedule than we are used to, but not a lot of new schools. Most of the schools on the schedule are schools that at one time played eleven-man and were on the schedule at one time or the other. If they were not on the schedule they sometimes showed up in the playoffs.
One thing is for certain. If you don’t block and tackle you won’t be successful. That is true no matter how many players you have on the field during a game. Good luck to the Plainsmen as they enter this season of change.
nebraska basketball
Nebraska picked up a transfer player in men’s basketball.
Tim Miles got what could be a great addition to his Cornhusker men’s basketball squad late this summer when Andrew White transferred from Kansas to Nebraska. White will have to sit out this next season because of the transfer, but will have two years of eligibility left.
He is a 6-6 forward and was the number 51 recruit in the class of 2012 according to
White got caught up in the abundance of talent that comes to Kansas. He played in 42 games during the time he was at KU. He was behind Andrew Wiggins at KU and Wiggins was the number one pick in this summer’s NBA draft.
KU also had the number six recruit this year in Kelly Oubre and that prompted White’s look for another school. Miles has the ability to get some transfers that will fit into his program and hopefully White will fit that role.
Nebraska also has 6 foot 7, 247-pound Moses Abraham, a transfer from Georgetown, who is a senior and is on the roster for this year. I thought that last year Nebraska was just a big strong post player away from moving into the elite part of the Big 10.
Given time I think Coach Miles will get to that level. If he just had a little more enthusiasm!
It won’t be too long until the high school teams get into competition time. Plan on supporting them as much as possible. It is a worthwhile thing to do. You don’t have to coach, you just have to cheer for the teams. It is a simple process! Go Big Red!