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McArtor selected as “My Favorite Nurse” in contest PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
    Perkins County Health Services was honored last week when its Director of Nursing, Dana McArtor, won the “My Favorite Nurse” competition sponsored by KOGA/KMCX Radio in Ogallala.
    McArtor and a nurse from the Ogallala Hospital were selected from the large number of letters received nominating a favorite nurse.
    For being chosen in the contest held during National Nurses Week in May, McArtor received a gift certificate from Stillwater Massage, a gift certificate for dinner for two at the 19th Hole Restaurant at Lake View near Ogallala, and a bouquet of flowers.
    According to PCHS Administrator Pam Holm, several letters, including one from her, were written favoring McArtor for the recognition.
    The nomination letter written by Holm told of McArtor’s dedication, determination and her love of nursing portrayed by putting herself through school while the mother of two little boys.
    She worked her way up, becoming director of Patient Care Services two-and-a-half years ago.
    She runs the specialty clinic scheduling and is also the clinic nurse for oncology, giving chemotherapy routinely. She gives classes on Lamaze breathing and how to care for and what to expect when coming in to deliver a baby.  She also runs the nuclear treadmills for the physicians once or twice a month.
    “Dana is dedicated to her patients and promoting quality care,” said Holm. “She fills in working as a charge nurse whenever someone calls in sick, or the schedule just comes out short because someone is on vacation or has taken some time off. She does this, rather than tell her staff they can’t go on family time. Sometimes we wonder when she sleeps.”
    Holm wrote in her letter that McArtor works in every aspect of the hospital and gives patients that extra touch, whether it means explaining all those new meds and their side effects, or being the critical incident stress manager and holding briefings to help employees work through the loss of a young patient in a tragic accident.
    “Who do they call when they can’t get the IV started on the child that needs fluids so badly? Who do the physicians call when they think they need that extra pair of hands that will give that extra boost of confidence? Who remains calm when a disaster hits the ER and we need extra help? The answer to all of these questions is Dana,” said Holm’s letter of nomination.
    “Dana is one of the most intelligent nurses that I have ever known, and one of the most dedicated to quality nursing care given to her patients,” said Holm. “She is always available to help save a life—and nursing is her life.”