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Prioritize safety PDF Print E-mail

It’s the beginning of a new school year, it’s a season of mobility for kids, their parents, workers and farmers.
School buses are on the road, kids are on the streets, farm equipment is coming and going, sports practice is underway—it seems like everybody everywhere has some kind of scheduled commitment.
The corn is high, the county road intersections aren’t visible anymore, and everybody is in a hurry.
This is a reminder to stay alert to the fact that a lot of younger kids are on foot or on bikes, high school students are behind the wheel (scary thought) going here and there, adults are back in the swing of attending meetings, going to work, picking up their kids, delivering them somewhere else, hurrying to the store, distracted by chatter in the back seat.....the scenarios are endless.
So—take that extra look, back off the foot feed just a touch, keep track of the county road miles, leave a few minutes early, look around, and stay alert­—the unexpected is lurking.
A few seconds here or there, extra attention, being prepared for the “what ifs” just might prevent a mishap.
Jan Rahn