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Kemling first at Goodland Invite PDF Print E-mail

By Shari Friedel
Tribune Staff

With every participant finishing the race, the Perkins County cross country team started their season on a positive note at the Goodland Invite Thursday, Sept. 3.
“Goodland is hilly and the first meet is as much a mental challenge as a physical one,” said Coach Paula Wurst.” “I was really proud of all of them.”
The Goodland meet has two divisions, the freshmen and sophomores run separately from the juniors and seniors. “This is nice especially for the younger runners not to be thrown in with the veteran runners right away,” said Wurst.
The finishing placing times from both divisions are added together for the overall score.
With not enough girls on the roster this week, Perkins County girls were unable to score as a team.
Sophomore Ashley Kemling led before the first mile in the freshman/sophomore race, and finished over a minute before her contenders. Freshman Jessie Hoffert medaled 10th with a good time for a first race, said Wurst.
In the boys’ freshman/sophomore race, freshman Rassel Hausman broke into the 19 minute zone, and medaled sixth. “A tremendous accomplishment,” said Wurst.
Also participating in the freshman/sophomore division were Erica Howard, Seth Burge, Jake Sexson and Mark Hanson.
In the junior/senior division, Lady Plainsman senior Brooke Poppe finished just outside the medals, in 11th place. She was in the top 10 at the mile, but struggled with the second half.
“She showed me how tough she is to push through, exhibiting tremendous effort not only to finish the race, but to hang on to 11th place as well,” said Wurst.
Senior Josh Sexson also exhibited great endurance, finishing the race in spite of a hip injury.
Junior Krystal Gaar was unable to participate due to illness.
Other participants were Brian Krajewski and Zac White.
“I was really pleased with everyone’s efforts,” said Wurst. “They have all been working hard in practice, and it was nice to be able to compete and to get some times on which to build.”
Goodland Invite
1. Ulysses    52
No team scores:
Perkins County
Wallace County
Scott City
Girls Medalists (20 finishers)
1. Ashley Kemling PC    17:30
2. Jeneel Davis SC    18:37
3. Cally Albers Oak.    18:42
4. Chelsi Hess SC    18:58
5. Stephanie Hager Ulys    19:12
6. Hayley Ribordy Oak    19:17
7. Addie Johnson Quin    19:29
8. Grace Hammer WC    19:50
9. Jaden Bolmer Lakin    20:11
10. Jessi Hoffert PC    20:30
Other Finishers:
19. Erica Howard PC    24:27
Girls Medalists: (20 finishers)
1. Janni Meierhoff Ulys    16:49
2. Katrina Kaus Colby    17:12
3. Katherine Kaus Colby    17:53
4. Julia Rosales Lakin    18:11
5. Caitlin Beckman SC    18:18
6. Francesca Perosa Ogal    19:00
7. Kalea Barlow Ulys    19:11
8. Sara Martin Colby    19:47
9. Katelin Murphy SC    19:51
10. Alex Geis Ogallala    19:54
Other Finishers:
11. Brooke Poppe    20:33
Boys Team Results:
1. Ogallala    28
2. Ulysses    59
3. Scott City    106
4. Colby    118
5. Lakin    140
6. Perkins Co.    180
7. Goodland    181
No teamscore:
Boys Medalists: (42 finishers)
1. Israel Mendosa Ulys    18:05
2. Harry Adams Ogal    19:03
3. Dillon McKeag Ogal    19:06
4. Kyle Zerr Ulys    19:26
5. Shad Krajewski Ogal    19:43
6. Rassel Hausman PC    19:47
7. Carlos Galindo Ulys    19:50
8. Jordan Nally Colby    20:02
9. Dustin Reed Colby    20:05
10. Emilio Duran Ulys    20:21
Other Finishers:
19. Seth Burge PC    22:26
20. Jake Sexson PC    22:27
33. Mark Hanson PC    25:26
Boys Medalists: (45 finishers)
1. Kayson Matthews Lakin    17:39
2. Chance Miller Ogal    17:52
3. Sam Adams Ogal    17:52
4. Greg Nawyn Ogal    18:31
5. Sam McDaniel SC    18:42
6. Miles Pearson SC    18:46
7. Kevin Siersema Lakin    18:58
8. Cort Malone Ulys    19:08
9. Spencer Ewert Ogal    19:41
10. Curtis Stevens Ogal    19:48
Other Finishers:
26. Josh Sexson PC    22:39
33. Brian Krajewski PC    23:31
43. Zac White PC    30:20
Next Action
The next meet will be in Imperial Thursday, Sept. 10 (today) at 3:30.