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There’s a new method for making meth now being exposed.    
An article I read recently not only provided the method (although not in detail) but provided a colored photo of the ingredients as well.
Granted, if someone wants to make meth, they probably already have the knowledge and could soon find out the right combination of toxic chemicals. They’re posted on the internet from what I understand—but why give it to them easily.
The new method is being called the “shake and bake” approach, which has become popular because it can be stirred up in the back seat of a car with a container and chemicals, and mixed on the run.
The batches are small but they’re made up fast, cheap and simple compared to the old way of cooking it in a lab that was dangerous, odorous, and hard to conceal.     
However, the new formula that makes batches of meth is just as dangerous, sometimes exploding and setting off fires, not to mention the toxic release in the air.
The old method required days to make up a batch using a heat source and tons of boxes of cold pills.
This new do-it-yourself method simplifies it enough that everyone can make up their own doses rather than buying meth from a dealer.
The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics in Oklahoma City put the ingredients on display. A photo was taken and shared by the Associated Press—remember—Oklahoma is not that far away.
Be on the lookout. Toxic bottles that contain poisonous brown and white sludge that have become strewn along highways or rural roads are a good indication meth manufacturing has stretched northward.
Will we ever get a handle on this?
Jan Rahn