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Annual CROP Walk is Oct. 4 PDF Print E-mail

All residents in the region are invited to take part in the effort to help diminish world hunger. See information below on how to contribute.

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor

An invitation is extended to everyone in Perkins County and beyond to help make a difference in the world by helping feed the hungry.
This year’s CROP Hunger Walk will be held on Sunday, Oct. 4, beginning at 2:30 p.m.
Participants will meet at the Grant United Methodist Church at 5th and Warren, then return for refreshments at the end of the afternoon walk.
Not only does the walk make a difference overseas, but the Perkins County Food Pantry also benefits from the local CROP Walk. Twenty-five percent of funds raised will go to the local pantry.
Sponsored by the Church World Service, the hunger walk brings together neighborhoods of different faiths, cultures and ages walking together to take a stand against world hunger.
Nearly 2,000 communities across the country take part each year.
Awareness and funding is raised for international relief and development, as well as local hunger-fighting agencies.     
CROP stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. Walks have raised over $264 million in the last 20 years to assist those struggling to feed their families.
There are 854 million people who go to bed hungry every night—and because of poverty, those people must walk for their basic tasks.
The theme, “We Walk Because They Walk,” is a sober reminder that impoverished people around the world walk for food, for water, for firewood, to escape violence, to seek shelter, to farm their fields, to find employment, to go to school.    
Hunger Facts
• Over 854 million people around the world remain hungry, almost equal to the population of the western hemisphere.
• Most of these people are not victims of famine, but suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition that stunts growth and saps energy and potential.
• Every day, more than 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes, which is about one child every five seconds.
• There are 1.1 billion people in developing countries who live on an income of $1 a day or less.
Progress Being Made
• In September 2000, the U.S. joined 189 countries endorsing a goal to cut in half the percentage of people living in extreme poverty and substantially improve health and education in impoverished countries by 2015.
• In 19 developing countries, the number of hungry has dropped by 80 million over 10 years.
• Latin America and the Caribbean are likely to cut hunger in half by 2015.    
CROP Makes A Difference
Funds raised in a CROP Hunger Walk assist people in need around the world. Examples are:
• $72 can provide emergency food supplies for a family of five for a month.
• $120 can enable three women to attend a literacy class for a year and change their lives forever.
• $200 can provide a struggling farm family with a water buffalo to significantly increase their food production, as well as a strong back to carry product to market.
• $350 can enable the eldest in a child-headed household of AIDS orphans to receive vocational training so they can support their siblings and themselves.
$ 1,050 can support community-based health, hygiene, and sanitation training for an entire community.
About CROP Walk’s sponsor
Founded in 1946, Church World Service, sponsor of the CROP Walk,  is a cooperative ministry of 35 Protestant, Orthodox, and Anglican denominations, providing sustainable self-help and development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance in some 80 countries.
Within the United States, Church World Service assists communities in responding to local hunger and disasters, resettles refugees, promotes fair national and international policies, provides educational resources, and offers opportunities to join a people-to-people network of local and global caring through participation in CROP Hunger Walks.

How to Contribute
Sponsor packets are available to anyone walking who wishes to gather donations from family and friends ahead of time which will go to the hunger effort.
Anyone is welcome to join the CROP Hunger Walk and may contribute a single donation ahead of time.
Everyone is welcome to join the walkers that afternoon to display support.
Brian Hightower, local CROP Walk organizer, asks those gathering sponsorships to call him (352-6429) or Jeanie Daiss (352-4073) for a packet.
Anyone wishing to donate but not walk that afternoon may send their contribution to the United Methodist Church ahead of time. It can be dropped off or mailed to Box 70, Grant, NE 69140.