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Chandler-Smith takes gold PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor

Widely known for his musical talent, Matt Chandler-Smith of Grant took the top prize in the songwriting division in the Galaxy of Stars contest at the Nebraska State Fair.
Chandler-Smith exhibits his love for music through many ways—probably most notably as a popular disc jockey at wedding receptions in the area and running audio audio equipment for the talent contest at the Perkins County Fair, among others.
Taking first place at the State Fair on Sunday, Sept. 6 came as a surprise to him. After being chosen as one of the top picks on Saturday, he was sure he was in last place, being caught off guard each time a placing was announced, and beginning to think there was a mistake in the calculations that would embarrass him when it became known he wasn’t even in the top rank.
Chandler-Smith was amazed when they announced his name as the winner for his original song, “Passing Through.”
He wrote it a couple of years ago after watching a special on 9/11. He said it made him realize that time is short and to make life count because we’re all just passing through.
The Christian lyrics are set to a background of drum tracks, guitars and bass instrumentation. Chandler-Smith sang his song at the state fair for the judges, rather than let them only listen to a recorded tape as other contestants did. He likes to write music and said his song that was entered in the fair was written more for himself than for others.
Chandler-Smith said the recognition he received at the Nebraska State Fair has opened a lot of doors. He said Galaxy of Stars producer Wynne Adams is very energetic, upbeat, positive and encouraging in helping artists achieve their dreams.
“I feel really blessed that the judges selected my song as first,” he said. “The other finalists had some great songs. But most of all, I’m not sure how much credit I can receive. It’s God who makes men what they are.”
The judges for the Galaxy of Stars consisted of songwriters and music producers from Nashville, people who are already expressing interest in his talent, he said.
Below is his song.
“Passing Through”
See the girl on the corner of the block with the made-up face?
I shake my head
Seems such a waste
Or the man in the corner office sittin’ in his leather chair?
Can he hear God’s voice sittin’ way up there?
Little girl with a lot on her mind lying sick in bed
Does time stand still while she shaves her head?
Mama crying, baby dying all alone in the hospital
How could she know that there’s something more to life than what she sees
Won’t someone, please help them see?
Oh Lord, who could it be?
Oh Lord, did you send me?
Maybe time will tell a tale or two
but their lies lead them away from you, sometimes me too
Help me tell them of your love and grace
That there’s freedom from this cold dark place
Your warm embrace
I know it’s true
You love them too
So help me to tell them
‘cause we’re only passing through
Now I got the feeling that I’m here
all alone in the human race
But you’re by my side
still I hide my face
Quiet desperation in the silence of my mind is no way to live
What do I know?
What do I have to give?
See a lot of people lookin’ all around for an easy cure
Did they seek your name?
You know, I’m not sure
The day will come when I’m done
and I’m over and I’m out the door
Will I live my life like there’s something more to me    than just “to be”?
Oh Lord, won’t you send someone
to help them see?
Oh Lord, who could it be?
Oh Lord, did you send me?