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Lady Plainsmen runners up at Bridgeport Tournament PDF Print E-mail

Shari Friedel
Tribune Staff

Perkins County volleyball players had a busy week on the road, finding success in both the South Platte triangular Thursday and the Bridgeport tournament on Saturday.
Bridgeport Tournament
In most recent action, the Lady Plainsmen traveled to Bridgeport Saturday, Sept. 19 where they were runners up in a quadrangular with Bridgeport, Leyton and Bayard.
In first game of the morning against Bridgeport, Perkins Country struggled to get anything going, and lost in two sets, 20-25 and 23-25.
“We did not capitalize on our offense as we should have,” said Coach Penny Hite. “Although scores were close, we did not bring the ‘big game’ attitude with us.”
The Lady Plainsmen came to life in the second match of the day against Leyton, winning in three sets, 25-12, 21-25 and 25-17.
Tough serving by Mackenzie Hite who had seven ace serves, and Leslie Burge, who had six, contributed greatly to the ladies’ success.
Determined to capture the silver, the Lady Plainsmen took on Bayard in the third round, winning handily in two sets, 25-11, 25-16.

PC vs. Bridgeport
20-25, 23-25
Kills: G. Patrick 3, T. Metcalf 3, J. Sis 2, J. Day 2, M. Humphrey 2. Blocks: J. Sis 7, G. Patrick 6 (2 ace), T. Metcalf 6 (2 ace), J. Day 2, M. Hite 2. Set assists: M. Hite 11, J. Day 2, J. Sis 1. Ace serves: M. Hite 1, J. Day 1, L. Burge 1, C. Lee 1. Defensive digs: C. Lee 3, J. Sis 2, T. Metcalf 2, K. Beck, M. Humphrey and L. Burge 1 each.
PC vs. Leyton
25-12, 21-25, 25-17
Kills: T. Metcalf 6, J. Day 5, J. Sis 5, M. Humphrey 4, G. Patrick 4, M. Hite 2. Blocks: G. Patrick 7 (1 ace), T. Metcalf 6 (2 ace), J. Sis 4 (2 ace), J. Day 2 (1 ace), M. Hite 1. Set assists: M. Hite 19, T. Metcalf 2. Ace serves: M. Hite 7, L. Burge 6, C. Lee 2, T. Metcalf 1. Defensive digs: L. Burge 3, T. Metcalf 2, J. Day 2, J. Sis 2, M. Hite 1, C. Lee 1.
PC vs. Bayard
25-11, 25-16
Kills: J. Sis 6, M. Humphrey 5, G. Patrick 4, T. Metcalf 4, J. Day 1, L. Burge 1. Blocks: G. Patrick 3 (1 ace), M. Hite 1 (ace), J. Sis, T. Metcalf, M. Humphrey, 1 each. Set assists: M. Hite 14, J. Sis 2. Ace serves: M. Hite 7, J. Day 3, L. Burge 2, T. Metcalf 1. Defensive digs: K. Beck 1, T. Metcalf 1.
South Platte Triangular
Struggling to find focus in the first match, the Perkins County Lady Plainsmen lost in two sets to South Platte in the first round of the Thursday, Sept. 17 triangular held in Brule.
“Missed serves are a problem still,” said Head Coach Penny Hite. “But we rebounded well and put that game behind us.”
“We took to the court with much better defense,” said Hite of the game against Paxton, which followed the loss to South Platte at the Thursday triangular. “Our offense was the key, though.”
The Lady Plainsmen won in three sets, losing the first, but rebounding in the next two.
Freshman Matisyn Humphrey made her varsity debut, and was very effective for the Lady Plainsmen, as was Gabrielle Patrick, who had six ace blocks.
“Tanya Metcalf and Jessica Day were super at reading the defense and doing a great job of keeping the ball alive,” said Hite. “All in all, a great win for a team who is coming into their own. I couldn’t be more proud of the whole team.”
PC vs. South Platte
11-25, 20-25
Kills: J. Sis 6, T. Metcalf 4, M. Humphrey 4, J. Day 3, M. Hite 2, L. Burge 1. Blocks: T. Metcalf 4. Set assists: M. Hite 18, J. Sis 2, T. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: T. Metcalf 4. M. Hite 3, J. Sis 1, C. Lee 1. Defensive digs: M. Hite 6, J. Sis, 4, J. Day, T. Metcalf, M. Humphrey and C. Lee, 2 each, L. Burge 1.
PC vs Paxton
20-25, 25-22, 25-21
Kills: M. Humphrey 8, J. Day 7, J. Sis 6, G. Patrick 4, T. Metcalf 4, L. Burge 1. Blocks: G. Patrick 15, (6 ace), T. Metcalf 7 (2 ace), J. Day 5, M. Hite 4 (2 ace), J. Sis 3 (1 ace). Set assists: M. Hite 28, J. Day 1. Ace serves: T. Metcalf 1. Defensive digs: J. Day 12, T. Metcalf 10, M. Hite 9, J. Sis 9, L. Burge 5, C. Lee 4, M. Humphrey 3.
Next Action
The ladies participated in a triangular in Sutherland on Tuesday, and will take on Haxtun in an away dual Thursday, Sept. 24.