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Roadside trapping banned in county PDF Print E-mail

The Nebraska Legislature passed LB5 allowing trapping of wildlife in right-of-way areas, however, Perkins County Commissioners have adopted a resolution to opt out, prohibiting roadside trapping in the county.

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor

Although the Nebraska Legislature paved the way, there won’t be any roadside trapping taking place in Perkins County following a recent resolution passed by the commissioners that prohibits it.
According to Commissioner James Deaver, he and  the rest of the commissioners based their decision on safety.
Deaver said they took into account the road crews working on signs, the electric crews who cross the ditches and the farmers who work on fences.
“You never know when somebody has to walk into a ditch to do something,” said Deaver. “It’s a safety factor.”  
A resolution to prohibit the trapping of wildlife in the county road rights-of-way in Perkins County was passed dring a regular meeting of the Perkins County Commissioners on Sept. 8.
Back in March, concerns were expressed to the commissioners by Midwest Electric employee Calvin Dahlkoetter who pointed out danger to hunters, dogs, Midwest linemen, emergency responders, county road crews and the county weed superintendent—all of whom walk into roadside ditches.
The commissioners announced during the meeting that no action would be taken until their Sept. 8 meeting.
In February, the Nebraska Legislature gave final approval to LB5, reversing a ban on roadside trapping approved by lawmakers just two years ago.
Senator Mark Christensen of Imperial introduced the bill. His reasoning and that of other supporters is that roadside trapping is needed to keep animals from burrowing holes that can harm livestock.
Opponents were concerned the traps would harm children, workers and pets.
The bill allowed county boards to pass local bans on roadside trapping in their counties—which is what the Perkins County Commissioners put in place recently.