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Wallace School recipient of two grant awards PDF Print E-mail

Wallace School was privileged enough to receive two great grants this school year. Grants can be applied for the previous school year they are received.
These were received from the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation. The John Applegate Grants received were “Enhance Reading in the Classroom” and “Technology in the Classroom.”
“Enhance Reading in the Classroom” was a $1,500 grant that Wallace used to buy wireless reading devices called “Kindles.”
Through “Kindles” one can download books and read them off an electronic device. The school now has four of these devices.
The second grant, “Technology in the Classroom” was a $3,000 grant. Wallace School used this grant to purchase smart boards and projectors. The school has one smart board in every classroom this year.
These grants help to enhance educational capability.
Superintendent Todd Porter said, “I think it is a great move forward. Grants allow us to access technology we would not be able to.”