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Lady Plainsmen are SPVA runners-up PDF Print E-mail

Falling short of their goal to win the South Platte Valley Association conference tournament, the Perkins County Lady Plainsmen took home the runner-up plaque from this year’s contest, held at Maxwell, Thursday, Oct. 15 and Saturday, Oct. 17.
The Plainsmen didn’t enter the bracket until Saturday, when they were matched with Chase County in the semifinals.
The Plainsmen beat the Lady Longhorns in three sets, 25-17, 25-19 and 25-22.
“They did an incredible job against Chase County in serving and dominating the net,” said Head Coach Penny Hite. “Tori Osler stepped up for us and did a great job, as did Jenni Sis and Tanya Metcalf.”
Leslie Burge was 19 for 20 with four ace serves, and Mackenzie Hite was 17 for 17 with six ace serves, keeping intensity high and momentum in the Lady Plainsmen’s favor.
Following the victory, Perkins County was matched against a much-improved North Platte St. Pat’s, to whom they succumbed in four sets.
“They just played a tougher game mentally,” said Hite. “We have some incredible stat numbers but need to work on executing the ball and mental toughness.”
SPVA Results
1. North Platte St. Pat’s    
2. Perkins County
3. Hershey
4. Chase County
5. Maxwell
6. Sutherland

PC vs. Chase County
25-17, 25-19, 25-22
Kills: J. Sis 8, T. Metcalf 8, J. Day 6, G. Patrick 2, T. Osler 2, C. Lee 1, L. Burge 1. Blocks: G. Patrick 8 (2 ace), T. Metcalf 8 (3 ace) T. Osler 6 (3 ace), J. Sis 5 (2 ace), M. Hite 4. Set assists: M. Hite 22, J. Sis 5. Ace serves: M. Hite 6, L. Burge 4, C. Lee 2, T. Metcalf 2, J. Sis 1. Defensive digs: J. Day 16, M. Hite 10, J. Sis 5, S. Pollard 3, C. Lee 2, K. Beck 1.
20-25, 25-20, 16-25, 15-25
Kills: J. Sis 11, J. Day 9, T. Osler 7, M. Hite 5, T. Metcalf 5, G. Patrick 4, L. Burge 1. Blocks: G. Patrick 11 (3 ace), T. Metcalf 9 (2 ace), M. Hite 8 (2 ace), J. Day 3 (1 ace),J. Sis 2, T. Osler 1 ace, S. Pollard 1 ace.
Set assists: M. Hite 31, J. Sis 6, J. Day 2, G. Patrick 1, T. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: J. Sis, T. Metcalf, L. Burge 1 each. Defensive digs: M. Hite 16, J. Day 8, J. Sis 7, K. Beck 5, L. Burge 4, T. Metcalf 3.
Dundy Co. Triangular
A triangular at Dundy County was on last week’s schedule for the Lady Plainsmen, Tuesday, Oct. 13.
In their first match, Perkins County won the first set against Hershey but were unable to keep it together in the next two.
“We came out strong in set one and  did a good job of mixing things up offensively and getting them out of system,” said Coach Penny Hite. “In set two we struggled with too many offensive errors, losing focus on the game which consequently cost us in serving errors, too.”
“Jenni Sis played very well tonight, attacking the ball,” said Hite. “Leslie Burge played well on the outside for us.”
In set three, Perkins County was down 5-17. A couple key blocks by Tanya Metcalf and kills by Jenni Sis, Mackenzie Hite and Leslie Burge inspired a rally, bringing them to a respectable 18 points, but not enough for the win.
Putting the loss behind them, the Lady Plainsmen took on Dundy County, winning in two sets 25-20 and 25-11.
“We played much better, forcing Dundy County to a lot of hitting as well as digging errors,” said Coach Hite. “Leslie Burge and Jenni Sis did well hitting and Jessica Day had two really good defensive games against both Hershey and Dundy County.”
PC vs. Hershey
25-16, 20-25, 18-25
Kills: J. Sis 13, L. Burge 5, J. Day 4, M. Hite 3, T. Metcalf 3, G. Patrick 2. Blocks: T. Metcalf 7 (2 ace), G. Patrick 6, (2 ace), M. Hite 2 (1 ace), J. Day 2 (1 ace), J. Sis and L. Burge, 2 each. Set assists: M. Hite 23, J. Sis 1, J. Day 1. Ace serves: M. Hite 3, J. Sis 2. Defensive digs: J. Day 15, M. Hite 13, C. Lee 13, J. Sis 12, T. Metcalf 8, L. Burge 4, K. Beck 3.
PC vs. Dundy Co.
25-20, 25-11
Kills: J. Sis 5, L. Burge, 4, G. Patrick 3, T. Metcalf 3, J. Day 2, M. Hite 1. Blocks: T. Metcalf 4 (1 ace), G. Patrick 2 (1 ace). Set assists: M Hite 15, G. Patrick, J. Sis, J. Day 1 each. Ace serves: M. Hite 3, J. Sis 1, T. Metcalf 1. Defensive digs: J. Day 11, T. Metcalf 7, J. Sis 7, M. Hite 6, C. Lee 3.