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Perkins County mock trial begins season in Imperial PDF Print E-mail

The Perkins County High School mock trial teams began the season successfully on Friday, Oct. 16 at the Chase County Courthouse in Imperial.
In the first trial of the day, the Red team, made up of less experienced students, defeated a team from Maywood. Five of the six students who participated on the Red team had never even seen a mock trial before.
“They did a nice job in their first performance,” said Coach Don Harris.
The attorneys for the Red team are freshmen Colton White and Michael Dreiling and sophomore Tanya Metcalf, all in their first year of competition.
The witnesses were freshman Callie Meyer portraying Chicolina Xram, sophomore Ashley Kemling playing the part of Kev Inruser and junior Kyle Schulze, the only member with previous experience, as Harold Wanderlust.
When the Red team has the other side of the case, witnesses Michael York and Darrell Patten will testify.
This year’s case is an immigration case. Kev Inruser, a citizen of Freedonia, was in the United States as a student sponsored by his government made up of members of the Spree party.
Following an election the Spree party is replaced by the Knave party, his scholarship is taken away, and the immigration service is trying to deport Kev who claims his life will be in danger as the result of his previous activities. Members of the Knave party claim that Kev would be in no danger and should be sent back to Freedonia because he no longer has a student visa.
Following the Red team’s victory, they went against the Perkins County Black team. The Red team was still representing the respondent Kev Inruser while the Black team presented the government’s case.
This year’s Black team consists of attorneys Candace Lee, a senior, junior Jeremy Hagan, and sophomore Tori Osler.
The witnesses on this side of the case are senior Amara Meyer, as I. M. Amour-Propre, a professor of international studies and expert on Freedonia; senior Kalyn Hanson as Smithson Winn, a Freedonian who knew Kev there and spent time in prison, and junior Ben Ross and Jackie Chiles of the immigration service.
The other witnesses on the Black team are Jenni Sis who will portray Kev and Jeannie Kuskie as Harriet Wanderlust.
The two Perkins County teams were forced to go against each other because Maywood had only one team, possibly due to illness.
While the victory was awarded to the Black team, both teams did very well, said Harris.
It was a competitive trial, and at its conclusion, the judges led a round of applause for both teams.
“Coach Tate and I were extremely pleased with the performances,” said Harris. “Our Red team improved remarkably in the second trial and went toe-to-toe with the Black team. Their attorneys did the things that they needed to do in terms of making objections and defending their position. The difference was probably the more experienced witnesses on the Black team who were outstanding.”
“We were so impressed and excited by the potential of both teams,” Harris added.

The next competition will be Tuesday, Oct. 27 at Hayes Center. Each team will take the opposite side of the case of the one they had in Imperial.