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Great Plains adds local broadcast stations to High-Definition line-up PDF Print E-mail

Great Plains Communications of Nebraska has enhanced the High-Definition television service offering in Grant.
Customers of Great Plains can now enjoy outstanding picture quality and sound on HD programming from local broadcasters including CBS (518) and ABC (519) and FOX (517).
These new HD channels are now available as a result of the digital transition that occurred earlier this year by a federal mandate that required local broadcasters to abandon their traditional analog transmission and convert to new digital technology.
Cable television customers that have a high-definition television set with a digital tuner will be able to receive these local broadcast channels in HD with no additional equipment or upgrade to their service.
Kevin Poppe, regional manager for Great Plains Communications said, “We have invested in new cables, tower re-alignments, antennas and amplifiers to bring our customers the strongest digital signal possible.”
One of the most noticeable differences between analog and digital pictures is the way they respond to signal interference.
With the old analog technology when something interfered with the signal the picture would become grainy, fuzzy, wavy or snowy.
Digital responds differently. Instead, the picture will “tile” or form a mosaic type pattern on the scene.
This is a phenomenon that is occurring across the nation. Great Plains Communications is doing everything possible to provide customers with the highest-quality signal at all times.
Great Plains Communications is a diversified telecommunications company providing local and nationwide long distance telephone service to 76 Nebraska communities, digital cable television service to 35 Nebraska communities, and local Internet access to 84 Nebraska communities.
Broadband and high-speed data technology is available in all communities served by Great Plains Communications via their partnerships with WildBlue® Satellite Speed Internet.
The company is the largest Nebraska-owned telecommunications provider, employing many Nebraskans across the state.
Almost half of the company’s employees live and work in the towns where they provide service.
Great Plains Communications’ corporate offices are in Blair, Neb.