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A great opening weekend for Lady Cats PDF Print E-mail

By Christy Sheets

Sports Writer

Friday night, the Wallace Wildcats hosted the Tigers of Maywood. 

In the first quarter it was clear that the ladies were battling nerves, as missed shots and passes meant the Tigers maintained possession, and had the early lead 0-7. 

The Cats’ first points of the game came in the form of free throws.  Senior, Josi Hasenauer drained both shots to cut the Tigers lead to five.  

Junior Laura O’Brien was the first to come up with two from the field, unfortunately, the Tigers answered right back, extending their lead to six, and forcing the Lady Cats’ bench to call a timeout.  

Afterward, the Cats seemed to settle down a little. Senior Jena Aylward took the ball to the hole for two on a fast break, but the Tigers were quick to answer with two points of their own. Hasenauer retaliated with two more, and senior Katie West drew the foul on her shot, bringing the Cats to within one, 11-12. 

The Lady Cats refused to let the Tigers score and marched back up the court where the first shot was missed, but West, with the rebound, gave the Cats their first lead of the game. When the quarter buzzer sounded the Lady Cats led the Tigers 13 to 12.

The Lady Cats started the second quarter ready for battle.  They took a commanding lead 24 to 12. The Tigers tried to rebuild some momentum, but the Lady Cats would hear none of it, nearly doubling the Tigers’ score on a fast break by senior Tarassa Swedberg at 31 to 16.  

The Lady Cats’ coaching staff was using their bench, to keep the Tigers off balance, and the Tigers were reeling. The Ladies headed to the locker room at halftime 31 to 18.

After half, the Lady Cats struck first, but this time Maywood answered right back.  West once again drew the foul, and drained two to extend the lead to 35 to 20.  

Junior Shanice “Bob” Harris drained two from the field, and junior Katelynn Hild hit a three to squelch any momentum the Tigers tried to build,  to lengthen the lead to 42 to 23 and to force the Tigers to call a time out to regroup.  

After the time out it was Harris again with two, but this time the Tigers retaliated with a fast break for two.  

The Lady Cats closed the quarter leading the Tigers by 21, 45 to 25.

The ladies started the fourth with enthusiasm, once again striking first by taking the first five points of the quarter. This allowed Coach Jennifer Koop to calm her starters down, and gave the crowd the opportunity for praise.  

The Cats’ second string seemed a bit dazed initially, as they quickly fouled the Tigers twice.  The Tigers burned the Cats on a fast break that left most the Cats at the wrong end of the court, forcing a frustrated coach to call a time out to straighten them out. After the time out the Cats seemed to regain their composure, and they fought hard to close the game 59 to 42.

“Overall we had a good first game,” said Koop. “Our inside game took over in the second quarter, which is what needed to happen.”

Offensively, senior Katie West led the Cats with 15 points (3 free throws) followed by junior Shanice Harris with 10.  Junior Katelynn Hild (1 field goal) and sophomore Brooke Harris (1 free throw) each had 7 points, senior Jena Aylward (2 free throws) had 6 points, senior Josi Hasenauer (3 free throws) and junior Laura O’Brien (1 free throw) each had 5 points, senior Tarassa Swedberg had (1 free throw) 3 points, and sophomore Emily Hasenauer had (1 free throw) 1 point.  

Leading the team with offensive rebounds were West (4), Aylward (3), Hild (3), Hochstetler (3), J. Hasenauer (2), Smith (2), Swedberg (1), O’Brien (1) and Harris (1).  

Leading the team with assists were West (4), Hild (3), Aylward (2), O’Brien (2), Whitson (1), and Wickizer (1).

Defensively, West led the Cats with 11 rebounds, 1 block, and 2 steals. Harris had 8 rebounds and 1 block, Aylward had 4 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 3 steals, J. Hasenauer and Smith each had 3 rebounds, Hild had 1 rebound and 2 steals, O’Brien had 2 steals, and Swedberg and Hochstetler each had 1 rebound.

Wallace vs. Wa/Pa

Saturday, the Lady Cats played Wauneta-Palisade in Wauneta.  The Ladies started out slowly, trailing the Broncos in the first quarter nine to 12. Struggling to build any momentum, they headed in to the locker rooms at the half behind 24 to 31.

Half time saw a new spark for the Lady Cats. They out scored the Broncos in the third by six, bringing the score to within one 43 to 44. 

In the fourth quarter, the Lady Cats managed to build on their momentum. As the buzzer sounded to close the game the Lady Cats led, 67 to 64.

“We need to be ready to go from the tip. A slow start put us behind early. In the first half we were beating ourselves,” said Coach Koop. “The second half we came out more focused and really fought hard to win. I am very proud of the girls, they showed a lot of confidence and poise in the second half.”

Offensively, West led the Cats with 23 points (1 free throw), followed by Aylward (3 free throws) and Hild (3 field goals) each with11 points. Harris had 6 points, J. Hasenauer and O’Brien each had 5 points (3 free throws), Hochstetler had 4 points, and Swedberg had 2 points.  

Leading the team with offensive rebounds were West (8), Aylward (4), Harris (2), J. Hasenauer (2) and Swedberg (1).  

Leading the team with assists were Hild (7), West (3), Aylward (2), O’Brien (1), and J. Hasenauer (1).

Defensively, West led the Cats with 15 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 2 steals. Aylward had 3 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal, O’Brien had 3 rebounds and 2 steals, Harris had 4 rebounds, and Hild had 4 steals.  J. Hasenauer, Swedberg, and Hochstetler each had 2 rebounds.

The Lady Cats will face Maxwell this Friday, Dec. 11 at home, with girls junior varsity starting at 4 p.m. 

On Sat., Dec. 12, they will travel to Arnold to face the Cardinals, with JV starting at 3 p.m.