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Wrestlers gain experience at first meet PDF Print E-mail

Perkins County Plainsman 2009 wrestling season debuted with a dual tournament hosted by Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade and held at Culbertson.

Seven teams were in attendance: Maxwell, North Platte St. Pat’s, Medicine Valley, Hitchcock County/Wauneta Palisade; Dundy County/Stratton, Sutherland and Perkins County.

Perkins County finished with a record of 2-3; beating Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade 39-28; Dundy County/Stratton 48-21 and losing to NPSP 21-54; Maxwell 18-55; and Medicine Valley 22-36.

“Our wrestlers competed pretty well,” said Coach Dean Friedel. “After this first match, we have a good idea of what we need to work on—we plan to eliminate or reduce some of the costly mistakes.”

He added, “ Our freshman gained some valuable varsity experience at this meet.”

Individual Results

Austin Thelander (103 lb.) 3-2; lost to Riggs, North Platte St. Pat’s; lost to Strickland, Maxwell; Dundy Co., Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade and Medicine Valley open.

Rassel Hausman (119 lb.) 3-0; Hitchcock County/Wauneta Palisade and Dundy County/Stratton open; won, Fassler, Maxwell.

Trey Johnson (125 lb.) 1-4; lost Fox, Dundy County/Stratton; Hitchcock County/Wauneta Palisade open; lost Deitrich, Medicine Valley; lost Wright, Maxwell; lost Ferguson, North Platte St. Pat’s.

Kyle Schulze (135 lb.) 3-2; won Allsion, North Platte St. Pat’s; lost Trisdale, Maxwell; lost Timmons, Medicine Valley; won Straub, Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade; Dundy County/Stratton open.

Pierre Schmitt (135 lb.) JV; 0-2 lost Ramierez, Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade; lost Hoffman, Maxwell.

Christian Miyamoto (140 lb.) 4-1; Dundy Co./Stratton open; won Rundel, Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade; Medicine Valley open; won Tolle, Maxwell; lost Wid, North Platte St. Pat’s.

Mark Hanson (145 lb.) 1-4; lost Downey, Dundy County/Stratton; lost Acosta Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade; lost Romeo, Medicine Valley; lost Boland, Maxwell; North Platte St. Pat’s open.

Riley Kosmicki (152 lb.)  4-1; North Platte St. Pat’s open; lost Crane, Maxwell; won Farr, Medicine Valley; Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade open; won Bundy, Dundy County/Stratton.

John Prante (171 lb.) 1-4; lost Burell, Dundy County/Stratton; Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade open; lost Aspenleiter, Medicine Valley; lost Norton, Maxwell; lost Pieper, North Platte St. Pat’s.

Markus Wehrmann (171 lb.) JV; won Sommer, Maxwell.

Garrett Patten (189 lb.) 2-3; North Platte St. Pat’s open; lost Dewey, Maxwell; lost Romeo, Medicine Valley; lost Haarberg, Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade; won Jensen, Dundy County/Stratton.

Ethan Behrends (215 lb.) 1-4; won Johnson Dundy County/Stratton; lost Simpson, Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade; lost Fritsche, Medicine Valley; lost Sommer, Maxwell; lost Jenkins, North Platte St. Pat’s.

Ty Summers (215 lb.) JV; 1-2; lost Oberg, Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade; won Kuening, Maxwell; lost Shurigar, North Platte St. Pat’s.

Vinny Ross (285 lb.) 3-2; lost Martinez, North Platte St. Pat’s; won Alan, Maxwell; won Taylor, Medicine Valley; lost Pollman, Hitchcock County/Wauneta-Palisade; Dundy County/Stratton open.

Next Action

The Plainsmen will take a road trip to Gordon for their next tournament Saturday, Dec. 12.