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40 years of highs and lows PDF Print E-mail

One evening in 1969, six couples from all over Perkins County got together for a game of Pinochle.  The members of that first game made a commitment to get together once a month for supper and to play cards.  Little did those individuals realize at the time that this tradition would continue still 40 years later.  

While supper and a game of cards was an excuse to get together, laughter and friendship keep the group together.  Their friendships were fostered by being able to watch each other’s children grow up, marry, and have children of their own.  

Individuals would often travel across the state to attend a college graduation or wedding of another couple’s son or daughter.  Members have also experienced serious health issues, a fact of life that happens to everyone as they age.

Thanks to the support and prayers of the card club, recoveries seemed easier, worries were lessened, and laughter has once again proven to be the best medicine.

A majority of the laughter results from the “high” and “low” prizes that are awarded at the end of the game. Who could forget the mature cow patty for the low prize or the pencil flashlight that was mistaken to be a pregnancy test?  Uncontrollable laughter also resulted when a pitcher of water was poured down the back of an individual for telling a chauvinistic joke. 

In 1969, the six couples were Ron and Gloria Patrick, Ivan and Ann Regier, Larry and Doris Keller, Mel and Kathy Aerni, Vince and Patty Wright, and Ron and Pat Brohman. 

Forty years later, the laughter and friendships continue with Ron and Gloria Patrick, Ivan and Ann Regier, Larry and Doris Keller, Mel and Kathy Aerni, Keith and Doris Olsen, Dennis and Sharon Barkley, and Bill and Nancy Hobelman.