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Girls Scout cookie sales underway soon PDF Print E-mail

Make space in the cupboard and pour a tall, cold glass of milk—Girl Scout cookies are here and ordering Thin Mints, Shortbread or Caramel DeLites® is just a Girl Scout away.

From the panhandle to the Missouri River, local Girl Scouts are taking door-to-door cookie orders beginning Friday, Jan. 8. Nebraskans have two weeks, until Jan. 24, to order their favorites from their friendly, neighborhood Girl Scout.

“Everyone looks forward to the arrival of Girl Scout cookies,” said Fran Marshall, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska CEO. “It is a beloved tradition that reminds us of our youth. They are the ultimate comfort food.”

Ordering Girl Scout cookies is a win/win investment for Nebraskans in the future of young women and their role in their community. Long after the last delicious bit has been savored, cookie proceeds continue to work for the troops that sold them.

These funds are the lifeblood of programs, projects, special events, volunteer training and keeping Girl Scout camps in good shape. The cookie program also helps girls cultivate their leadership potential.

“Our annual cookie program is a time-tested, accessible way for Girl Scouts to acquire the building blocks of good business practices,” said Marshall.