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Our county is great PDF Print E-mail

What an impressive county we live in! Only two months ago, slightly over $50,000 needed to be raised for the Perkins County Community Foundation to meet the Hunt Challenge.

During the last week of December, $13,500 was needed.  

By noon on New Year’s Eve, 10 individual checks were enough to push the remaining amount over the top with plenty to spare.

Residents have been generous to the foundation’s goal of reaching $175,000 which means the Hunt Challenge of $25,000 will set the county’s total endowment at $200,000. 

That’s good news for all of us. The interest from this endowment (savings) will be passed along to the communities of Perkins County in supporting projects that will benefit everyone.

The end of the year is tough financially. There are so many expenses with the holidays. It’s hard to make ends meet in December—there are bills to pay, gifts to buy, extra travel expenses and extra groceries to purchase.

Yet those who contributed to the Perkins County Community Foundation Hunt Challenge considered that particular goal a priority in their year-end calculations. 

Many people contributed to the needs of their fellow man at Christmas time, through causes that  are just as important and appreciated as giving to a certain fundraiser.  

No matter how, when, or to whom given, residents of Perkins County really stepped up in 2009 with goodness in their hearts—which will make 2010 special in many ways for many—and that makes our county great!

Jan Rahn