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Hunt Challenge goal met—entire county will benefit PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor

The Perkins County Community Foundation now has enough funds to benefit the towns and villages along the Highline well into the future.

Because of generous year-end giving, the Hunt Challenge was met at noon on New Year’s Eve with 10 individual checks to reach the $175,000 goal.

In fact—the foundation exceeded the goal by $760.

 hat this means is that when $175,000 was raised, the Hunt Challenge was met, and another $25,000 contributed by the Hunt family will bring the county’s endowment (savings) to $200,000.

“I’m totally ecstatic that we made our challenge,” said PCCF Chair Michelle Ross. “I appreciate everyone’s help in making this project go forward.”

The entire county will benefit from the foundation meeting the Hunt Challenge goal because the interest from the $200,000 endowment will be distributed for community betterment across the area.

After donating $100 checks to both the Perkins County Food Pantry and the Perkins County Youth Center, the PCCF still has $2,000 in interest from the endowment to serve in other ways to those who apply for funds.

Anyone is eligible to apply, such as groups or organizations, teachers or business leaders.  

Ross said the PCCF board will determine what projects meet the criteria for funding now that the goal has been met. Interest will be generated at a faster rate due to the amount of endowment in place.

The Perkins County Community Foundation already has a good track record in funding betterment projects in the county.

Besides the most recent donations to the county’s youth center and food pantry, the PCCF has funded several projects, including:

• An Eagle Scout project in 2004 with the acquisition of a drug dog in Perkins County.

• Two more successful Eagle Scout projects with a military memorial in Grant City Park and a landscaping/water feature project at Golden Ours Convalescent Home.

• PCCF members co-hosted a soup and potato bar supper with Westview to help raise money for their landscaping project and also donated funds toward the project.

• Purchase of a generator in Madrid, new Christmas lights in Elsie, and support for Venango Day. 

• The foundation has pledged money in support of a newsletter called the “Perkins County Boomerang” for all of the alumni of schools in the county.

Some of the other fundraising activities of the Perkins County Community Foundation where members have assisted include:

“A John on Your Lawn” fundraiser, “Dining on the Hi-Line” dinner, annual Fourth of July community barbecue, annual Madrid Day supper, semi-annual PCCF golf tournament, and a “Kiss the Pig” contest at the Perkins County Fair.

What Is The Hunt Challenge?

The Perkins County Community Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization affiliated with the Nebraska Community Foundation. 

The fundraising goal is part of a two-step challenge grant, the Hunt Challenge, offered by the Hunt family, owners of Great Plains Communications.  

When the PCCF raised the initial $75,000, the Hunt family donated $25,000 to the PCCF endowment fund in March 2008.  

Now that the $175,000 goal has been met, the Hunt family will bring the county’s endowment to $200,000 with a $25,000 Hunt Challenge donation. 

Annual interest generated from the $200,000 county endowment will total approximately $10,000 that will be reinvested back into the county.