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Farm divisions defined PDF Print E-mail

Producers have until Feb. 1, 2010, to request 2009 crop year MAL and LDP for wool, mohair and unshorn pelts.  The 2010 crop year for wool, mohair, and unshorn pelts began on Jan. 1 and ends on Dec. 31, 2010.  Unshorn pelts are only eligible for LDP.

Reconstitution for FSA purposes is defined as: A reconstitution is a change in the land constituting a farm as a result of combining or dividing tracts or farms. Types of reconstitutions are farm divisions and farm combinations.  I am going to define farm divisions or tract divisions in this article as with our many complex farm programs, we are encouraging more farm divisions.

Who May Initiate a Reconstitution:  The farm operator with the concurrence of the owner/s of the farm, the farm owner, or the County Committee.

Definition of Farm Division:  A division of a farm into two or more farms because of a change in ownership or operation.  A tract division is the division of a tract into two or more tracts for the same reasons. Reasons for most divisions are:  part of the farm/tract is sold or ownership changes.  Then COC, owner or operator can initiate the reconstitution.

Methods of Division:  By priority number: 1) Estate, 2) Designation by landowner, 3) DCP cropland (applicable to base acres for tract divisions only) and 4) Default (applicable to base acres for farm division only).  Landowner designation method is the division of bases in the manner agreed to by the parent farm owner and the purchaser or transferee. This method may be used when any of the following apply:

• part of a farm is sold or ownership is transferred,

• an entire farm is sold to two or more persons, 

• farm ownership is transferred to two or more persons, 

• part of a tract is sold or ownership is transferred, 

• a tract is sold to two or more persons,

• tract ownership is transferred to two or more persons.  

The form (FSA-155) requesting this type of division must be signed by all of the following:  sellers and buyers (transferees). The office can also use a Memorandum of Understanding that is signed by all sellers and buyers if filed.

Please contact the office prior to any pending sales for base information/yield information, as advance paperwork may be needed to transfer bases from one tract to another to benefit all parties.  

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact your local FSA office.

Please continue to call the office for appointments to sign-up for the DCP/ACRE program and to report your wheat plantings. Our phone number is 308-352-4747, press 2.  

Your Perkins County Committee is:  Brent Robertson, chairperson; Galen Tickle, vice-chairperson and Ashley Colglazier, member.  Their scheduled meeting dates will be on the third Thursday of the month, subject to change.  Current agenda and regular minutes are posted at the office.  Regular COC meetings are open to the public.