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Lady Cats lose frustrating game in tense overtime action PDF Print E-mail

By Christy Sheets

Sports Writer

On Tuesday night the Lady Cats  hosted Dundy County/Stratton.  The Ladies started the match a bit slow, struggling to maintain possession of the ball.  Dundy County took and maintained the early lead, ending the first quarter ahead of the Lady Cats, eight to seven.

The second quarter, although slightly better for the Cats, was again plagued by turnovers. Luckily, the Wildcats were outscored by their opponent by just one, and headed into the locker room trailing by a mere two points, twenty-one to twenty-three.

The Lady Cats started the second half energized and ready to play.  The energy enabled Wallace to outscore Dundy County by three.  The third quarter ended with the Lady Cats leading, 28-27.

The Cats were ready for the fourth quarter, and played tough.  Unfortunately, so was Dundy County.   At the sound of the buzzer, at the end of the fourth quarter, the Cats were tied with Dundy County at fifty-two.

In overtime, turnovers once again plagued the Cats, which allowed Dundy County to dominate the court.  The Lady Cats lost a frustrating game in overtime, fifty-six to sixty-four.

Offensively, senior Katie West (2 free throws) led the Cats with 24 points followed by junior Katelynn Hild (1 field goal and 5 free throws) with 16 points, and senior Jena Aylward (1 free throw) with 19 points.  Senior Josi Hasenauer (1 free throw) scored 3 points, and juniors Shanice Harris and Laura O’Brien each scored 2 points.  Leading the team with assists were Hild (6), O’Brien (4), Aylward (2), West (2), senior Tarassa Swedberg (2), and J. Hasenauer (1).   Leading the team with offensive rebounds were West (7), Aylward (3), J. Hasenauer (1), and Swedberg (1).

Defensively, West led the team with 14 rebounds and 4 steals, followed by Aylward with 6 rebounds, 1 block, and 3 steals.  O’Brien had 1 rebound and 5 steals, Hild had 3 steals, and Swedberg had 2 rebounds and 1 steal.

Wallace vs Arthur County

Thursday, the Wildcats traveled to face Arthur County. The Lady Cats were out to avenge Tuesday night’s loss, and their aggressive play dominated the first half.  At the end of the first quarter, Wallace led nine to four. 

The Lady Cats continued to play with energy and determination.  Arthur County tried to come back, but the Cats refused to let up.  The Wildcats headed into the locker room at the half leading 31-12.

After half, Arthur County was ready to regain control of their home court.  As the starters took to the bench, Arthur saw a glimmer of hope, but the second and third string held their own, and the Lady Cats outscored Arthur County by 3 points.  The Lady Cats played an excellent quarter, and the third quarter ended 45-23.

The Lady Cats continued to battle in the fourth quarter.  Arthur tried to mount a comeback, outscoring the cats by seven, but they just ran out of time.  The Wildcats won the game 56-41.

Offensively, West led the Cats with 24 points (4 free throws), followed by Aylward, Harris, and sophomore Brooke Hochstetler with each with 6 points.  Hild (1 from the field) had 3 points, Wickizer, Swedberg, O’Brien, junior Whitney Smith, and sophomore Danica Messersmith each had 2 points, and sophomore Kelsey Hubbard had 1 point (1 free throw).  

Leading the team with offensive rebounds were West (3), Aylward (3), O’Brien (2), Harris (1), Hild (1), and Messersmith (1).  Leading the team with assists were O’Brien (5), Aylward (4), Smith (3), West (2), J. Hasenauer (1), Swedberg (1), Wickizer (1), Hild (1), and sophomore Lexi Banks (1).

Defensively, West led the Cats with 6 rebounds and 3 steals, followed closely Aylward with 5 rebounds and 2 steals, and Hochstetler with 2 rebounds and 5 steals.  Smith had 4 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal, Hild had 1 rebound and 3 steals, Harris had 2 rebounds and 2 steals, Messersmith had 2 rebounds, Swedberg had 1 rebound and 1 steal, O’Brien, Banks, and Hubbard each had 1 steal, and J. Hasenauer and Wickizer each had 1 rebound.