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Scholarships available—urge kids to apply PDF Print E-mail

By Ashleigh Noyes

Tribune Staff

This particular time of year is extremely busy for most students attending Perkins County High School. While seniors are more concerned with basketball, wrestling, speech and other activities there is one issue of major importance that is being overlooked.

Rod Cornelius, president of the Perkins County Schools Foundation, visited with the senior class about the importance of applying for the many scholarships available to them through the foundation. However, there has not been a large amount of interest. Many students seem to think that they would not qualify or be accepted for a scholarship, therefore they do not apply. 

The basic question students should ask themselves: Should I apply for scholarships? The answer is yes!

Beyond the obvious fact that every extra dollar can help the student and their family, the scholarship process is also a way to develop the skills that will serve students in whatever they choose to do in their life–the ability to organize, prioritize, write well and most of all, know themselves. 

Last year the Perkins County Schools Foundation gave out $18,000 in scholarships to a number of students who simply took the time to apply. 

Another lesser known fact is that each student who applies for the Senior of the Month Program is automatically enrolled in the application process for the foundation scholarships as well. 

Educational scholarships are put in place to help students further their educational goals, so why are students not taking the time to apply for this assistance?

There is a major concern in why students are not interested in taking advantage of the many benefits available to them. Why is this great honor being overlooked?

With nearly 20 scholarships available to seniors through the Perkins County Schools Foundation alone, every student has a fair chance at receiving one.

Students need to realize that there is a great deal of honor involved in being selected  for a scholarship and that the time and effort it takes to fill out an application is well worth it when they receive the funds they need to further their education. 

Educational scholarships are the ideal form of student aid, as they are basically gifts that never have to be repaid. Student loans, on the other hand, do have to be repaid. 

Parents, encourage your sons and daughters to apply for these available scholarships.  Help them with their applications. They need your assistance and support in making these important life decisions.

The Perkins County Schools Foundation would like to see 100 percent participation in this year’s application process. Responsibility does not lie with the students alone, but with their parents as well. The application deadline for all foundation scholarships is March 31.

The Foundation would like to inform the community as well that if anyone would like to donate to a specific scholarship or field of study, funds can be sent to the Perkins County Schools Foundation.