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Eagle Trading & Consulting commodity office opens along Highway 23 in Grant PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor

To create ease for farmers, marketing consultant Mark Allen is opening a new office along East Highway 23 in Grant. 

Eagle Trading & Consulting Corporation will assist farmers with risk management and commodity trading. 

“Farmers don’t have the time to do the in-depth research that we can do, and it makes sense to consult with someone to put together a plan that will help get the best price for their hard work,” said Allen.

Eagle Trading & Consulting will work with all levels of customers—the ones who are currently trading and want more personal attention, and the ones who know nothing about using the futures and options commodity market as a benefit to them, said Allen.

“I think it has become more of a necessity for farmers to use risk management and to use companies like mine to help them with their marketing needs,” he said.

As a commodity trader for 15 years, Allen has helped farmers use the board to market their crops or just to speculate the markets. 

He has taught people to trade the commodity market using technical indicators and fundamental news. 

Allen made the decision to learn how to use the commodity market to benefit his farming in the early 1990s while farming in eastern Colorado. 

“There is a big difference between companies in this business,” said Allen. “Some are out there who just want you to trade on the board and keep you trading more than you need to because they work on a commission base and treat all farmers the same. Personally, I don’t know any (farmers) that are the same as their neighbors—we are all different and need different things. So Eagle Trading will put together plans to fit your business.” 

Allen moved to Perkins County in 2007 to work on the Lee and Jon Nikkel farm. 

In 2009 an opportunity came along offering him a way to get back into the commodity market and he began working out of his home with Farmers Option and Hedging Service. 

Through his new business, Eagle Trading & Consulting Corp., Allen will be the introducing broker while using the Linn Group as a clearing house, getting access to their research for his customers. 

“By opening an office, I thought it would make it easy for farmers to stop by to see me, being right on the highway,” said Allen. He invites producers to stop in any time to just visit and get acquainted.

Allen and his wife, Patricia, and daughters Jackie, eight, and four-year-old Leann, are well settled into the community. 

“We have enjoyed living here. The community has been very open and friendly to us over the last three years,” he said.

Allen can be reached at 308-352-2654 or 308-353-1963.