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Wildcats taken out by the Tigers PDF Print E-mail

By Christy Sheets

Sports Writer

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, the  Cats traveled to Grant for sub-districts to play the Tigers of Paxton. The Lady Cats were ready to play, hoping to beat the Tigers one more time this season. Unfortunately for the Lady Cats, the Tigers had other plans. Both teams worked hard in the first quarter, but the Tigers led at buzzer, 10-13. 

The Lady Cats played the second quarter much the same way as the first. They tried to gain momentum, but they were plagued by fouls.  The Cats headed to the locker rooms trailing the Tigers, 23-30.

After the half, the Cats seemed unwilling to give up. Once again they tried to build momentum, but the Tigers matched them shot for shot.  The Cats outscored the Tigers by two, cutting the Tigers lead to five, 39-44.

In the fourth quarter the Cats tried hard to pull ahead, making the shots when they needed them. Unfortunately, they also starting getting into foul trouble, and the Tigers made the shots they needed to extend their lead. The Lady Cats’ season ended with a final score of 45 to 57. 

Offensively, West led the Cats with 21 points (5 free throws), followed by Harris (3 free throws) and Hild (1 field goal) each with 7 points. J. Hasenauer had 4 points (2 free throws), Aylward had (1 free throw) 3 points, O’Brien had 2 points, and Swedberg had 1 point (1 free throw). 

Leading the team with assists were O’Brien (5), Aylward (1), West (1), Swedberg (1), Hild (1), and Smith (1). 

Leading the team with offensive rebounds were West (9), Harris (7), O’Brien (3), J. Hasenauer (2), Swedberg (1), and Aylward (1)

Defensively, West led the Cats with 7 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block. Harris had 4 rebounds and 1 steal, Swedberg had 2 rebounds and 3steals, Aylward had 2 rebounds, 1 block, and 2 steals, Hild and O’Brien each had 2 steals, J. Hasenauer had 1 rebound and 1 steal, Hochstetler had 1 rebound and 1 block, and Wickizer and Smith each had 1 rebound.


The Season

The ladies had a good season, ending with a 13-8 record. The average number of points per game was 45.64. Senior Katie West was leading scorer for the team with 414 (91 free throws) points for the season, and junior Katelynn Hild had the most shots for 3 with 23 field goals. 

Leading the team with assists were juniors Katelynn Hild (53) and Laura O’Brien (52). Leading the team with offensive rebounds were seniors Katie West (108) and Jena Aylward (77). Defensively, seniors West (170 rebounds, 20 blocks, and 49 steals) and Aylward (109 rebounds, 18 blocks, and 43 steals) led the way, with Hild (60) and O’Brien (51) leading in steals.