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New candidates throw hats in ring PDF Print E-mail

Monday was the deadline for entering the 2010 General Election—several new candidates have filed for seats in Perkins County.


By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor

By 5 p.m. Monday, the cutoff for non-incumbents to file for election, new filings consisted of four for school board, one for commissioner and two for city council.

Four non-incumbents met the deadline to file for a seat on the Perkins County Schools Board of Education—Amy Kroeker, Michaela Potts, Shawn Stutzman and Ryan Hendricks. 

Non-incumbents filing earlier for a school board seat were Jill Pelster and Scott Osler. 

Joining the race as a non-incumbent in the Commissioner Dist. 2 race is Kelvin Kurkowski. 

He joins incumbent Leon Pankonin and non-incumbents Matt Waitley and James Vak who are vying for the seat.

Two candidates have filed for a seat on the Grant City Council. Kirk York  and Bob Tatum filed as non-incumbents for the election. Two seats are open on the council. Neither of the incumbents (Dennis Hansen, Darrell Pierce) filed. Pierce, however, has filed for the open seat as Commissioner in Dist. 3.

The May 11 Primary will determine who takes a seat on the Perkins County Hospital Board. Three seats are open. Two incumbents, Amanda McGreer and Brenda Kiolbasa, have filed.

The Primary will also determine the top Republican candidates for Dist. 2 and Dist. 3 Perkins County Commissioner. 

Each district has four candidates who have filed. (See Dist. 2 above.) 

Those who have filed in Dist. 3 are incumbent James Deaver and Darrell Pierce, and non-incumbents Ted Deaver and John Woodmancy. 

Seats are also open for Village of Elsie, Village of Madrid, Village of Venango, Perkins County Schools, Upper Republican NRD Sub-District 4,8,10 and At-Large, ESU 16 in Districts 9 and 11, NPPD District 4, and Mid-Plains Community College Area 2.

Incumbent candidates for the above seats have until July 15 to file. Non-incumbents must file for election by Aug. 2.


Candidates who have filed:

Perkins County Attorney: Richard H. Roberts-incumbent.

Perkins County Assessor: Bonnie Appel-incumbent.

Perkins County Clerk: Rita Long, incumbent.

Commissioner Dist. 2: Leon Pankonin-incumbent, and non-incumbents: Matt Waitley, James Vak, Kelvin Kurkowski.

Commissioner Dist. 3: James Deaver-incumbent, non-incumbents Ted Deaver and John Woodmancy, and Darrell Pierce-an incumbent on Grant City Council.

City of Grant-Mayor: Michael Wyatt-incumbent.

City of Grant-Council: Kirk York, non-incumbent; Bob Tatum, non-incumbent (two open seats).

Village of Elsie: Brenda Metcalf-incumbent (two open seats).

Village of Madrid: Michelle Ross-incumbent, Mark Heil-incumbent (two open seats).

Village of Venango: No filings (three open seats).

Perkins County Schools: Non-incumbents: Jill Pelster, Scott Osler, Amy Kroeker, Michaela Potts, Shawn Stutzman, Ryan Hendricks (three open seats).

Perkins County Hospital Board: Amanda McGreer-incumbent, Brenda Kiolbasa-incumbent (three open seats).

Upper Republican NRD Sub-District 4,8,10 and At-Large: Dist. 4-Jason Kunkel,  Dist. 8-Loren Jessen, Dist 10-Greg Pelster, Brett Bullock, At Large-Jeff Wallin-(six open seats).