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Don’t let one bad potato ruin it for the rest PDF Print E-mail

We were treated to 100 pounds of potatoes left inside our front door at holiday time. A potato bake with a variety of garnishments for our 25 holiday guests didn’t put a dent in the supply.

Fried chicken and mashed potatoes, ham and scallops, chicken and noodles on taters, hash browns for the freezer, fried potatoes and just plain baked potatoes drizzled with butter and sour cream. Yum. I’ve always been a carb lover.

We kept the remaining supply in the basement and my husband mentioned that he thought he smelled something down there. Yikes!

Sure enough. Near the bottom of the remaining 50-pound sack of spuds was a rotten culprit that caused those potatoes touching it to begin to turn to slimy mush as well. Even though the rest were still firm and good, they all stunk. Peeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwww!!! Gag!

However once the stinky good potatoes were removed from that unfortunate environment of the few rotten ones and allowed to air out, they were fine and made for many, many more tasty side dishes.

You know, that isn’t much different than people.

I can’t help but think of situations when several people put forth great efforts for a good cause and some negative moaner comes along and bashes the efforts. Just like the rotten potato, they start affecting those around them and other joiners mar the program. One can be showered with praise upon praise but a few stabs can certainly hinder the desire to keep trying.

If someone can just stand up to the moaners, support those who mean well and focus on solutions for improvement, the program can continue to accomplish positive affects.

There’s never a ball game where people don’t disagree with a referee’s call. But there are those people who guaranteed will YELL ferociously and nastily throughout every single game. It’s obnoxious! My husband wears those stripes and I see how much he reads the rule book every year and becomes familiar with changes in the rules.

I often times wonder if those who constantly yell so crudely have ever once opened a rule book and if so, do they know the detail of the changes? A changed rule just might be a contrast to what they’re yelling about. They act as if the refs are idiots.

And what’s even worse is when they yell at the athletes as if they’re stupid. And what’s worse is when others start to join them in the ranting. I’d like to see some of those folks give a demonstration and see how many times they survive up and down the court.

There have been those fans over the years that people make a mental note never to sit by. It makes for a much more pleasant environment when you don’t have to be in the midst of the constant nagging. I’d just as soon stand clear of the rotten mush affect.

Are you ever the rotten potato who brings others down? Do you do your part standing up for someone or something? Do you accept the responsibility of picking up around yourself? Do you throw trash away or let it hang around? When the trash can overflows, do you have to be asked to take it out? Do you throw clothes on the floor? If everyone simply takes heed to his/her own stuff, the living environment is so much more pleasant for all around.

And if the slob affect rubs off on others around, it doesn’t take long to have a pit.

Rotten potatoes. Rotten attitudes. Attempt to get rid of them before they ruin others.