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The Perkins County Area Arts Council’s production of the comedy, “One Toe in the Grave” was enjoyed by ticket holders last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 18, 19 and 20 at Perkins County High School. The story focuses on the deception of a young executive, Jason Kingsley, who tries to convince his boss he does indeed have a wife, as mandated by company bylaws. The “wife” in question has never been seen at company events, since she has a “highly contagious disease,” according to Jason (who in fact is not married). In the above scene, Jason (James Deaver, far right) and doctor Douglas Procter (Matt Hausman) attend to the boss, Thornton Murdock (Ben Polson) who has collapsed due to excessive heat and stress, while Vonga the Jungle Girl (Marlene Pritchett) checks his condition with her spear. Jason’s frustrated fiancée Monica Channing (Molly Hutchinson) and housekeeper Naomi Schuyler (Shar Ingold) far left, console each other. At left, Deanna Schulze as Jason’s acquaintance Poopsie Magruder, makes a notable entrance. The seven-member cast performed the play each night following dinner prepared by Jim Hendricksen, more commonly known as “Stumpy,” former Grant restaurant owner. Proceeds from the performances benefit the high school drama department and the Perkins County Area Arts Council. (Photos by Ashleigh Noyes)