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Spring is bursting forth PDF Print E-mail

Signs of spring finally arrived in force—birds are caroling, bulbs are emerging and branches are budding. Nearly 50 types of birds, some migrating, quench their thirst and fill their tiny tummies at the wildlife habitat of Kay Cheney at the corner of 8th and Lincoln in Grant. On Monday, 100 cedar waxwings  stopped in for refreshment. Some of the groups coming and going include American goldfinches, white nuthatch, starlings, robins, Eurasian banded dove, mourning dove, hairy woodpeckers, downey woodpeckers, English house sparrows and house finches. Creating a safe environment for the birds are the long thorns from black locust trees that keep cats at bay. As a certified member of the National Wildlife Federation, Cheney provides food, water, cover and places to raise young year-round for the birds. Her grass has been pesticide and herbicide free for 15 years. (Photos by Jan Rahn)