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Colson takes oath as new Perkins County Commissioner PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Goff
Managing Editor
    Newly elected Perkins County Commissioner Sid Colson said his main concern is the condition of county roads.
    “I have some ideas, and hope we can get something implemented,” said Colson, who took the oath of office Thursday, Jan. 8, in the presence of other county officials inside the courtroom.
    Colson was sworn into office by Perkins County Judge Edward D. Steenburg.
    From the standpoint of a crop adjuster, Colson said he knows the roads well and has driven around all of District 1 in the eastern portion of the county.
    Citing one of the problems,  Colson said he would like something done about what he calls “curbing” along road edges that hold water.
    “We used to have good roads,” he said. “The west has good roads.”
    Colson defeated Duane McClintock, also from Elsie, in the November General Election to serve as District 1 Commissioner, replacing Mike Perlinger, who chose not to run again.
    After being sworn in, a small congratulatory reception was held in Colson’s honor.
    His service to Perkins County is now in effect. Residents with questions or concerns may contact Colson at 228-2257.