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This year’s local election has an interesting twist to it. There are eight candidates who have filed for two open Perkins County Commissioner seats— one in District 2, one in District 3.

Sometimes the May Primary Election doesn’t draw as many voters when it’s not a presidential election year. I don’t think that will be the case this year.

I think voters will be out in full force to select their favorite commissioner candidate. 

It puzzles me why there is such a big turnout in candidates this year. I’m curious why so many filed to run against the incumbents. 

It makes a person wonder if the reason is because others don’t think the incumbent is doing the job satisfactorily.

I’ve heard comments about the roads—but then there are always comments about the roads. We are a mobile society, and nothing is more annoying than to travel somewhere on a county road that’s rutty, wash-boardy, or just plain neglected. There is either no sand or too much sand; and when there is too much, you can bet it’s dumped right in the middle.  

I grew up in the country—I know how frustrating the roads can be when they aren’t maintained. 

But roads aren’t the only reason we have county commissioners—they do lots of other things too, and being prepared on election day by having your questions answered will make a difference in how you vote.

Sample ballots appeared in last week’s issue. Voters get to see ahead of time how the ballot they receive, whether Republican or Democrat, is going to look.  They’ll know what seats are available, who the candidates are in local races as well as state and federal.

No matter what your priority is next Tuesday, be sure to get out and vote. Exercise your right to be sure our county selects the best people for the open positions. 

Only the voters can determine which direction we will take by who is seated in the decision-making chairs.

Many times the outcome is fairly predictable, but there are always those fun little surprises lurking around on election day. Get out and vote—be a part of the process, be a proud American, and voice your opinion. You’ll be glad you did—whether or not it turns out your way! 

Jan Rahn