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Study shows truth about drugs PDF Print E-mail

Prescription drugs have been the subject of much scrutiny in recent years, however, a new study reveals such criticism may be valid.

Prescription drug abuse has become a serious problem in America in recent years. So much so the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency refers to our nation as a “pill taking society.” 

Antidepressants are just one of the many prescription drugs that can result in addiction and abuse, as Narconon, a drug education and rehabilitation group, has seen as an ever-increasing problem with prescription drug addiction in the rehab field.

Doctors and scientists look at drugs from the studies and results just as consumers should. However, one has to wade through large amounts of conflicting studies to get at the truth. Marketing plays a role in many studies conducted as well as who funds the study and for what purpose. 

Recently, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that except for severe cases of depression, placebos worked just as well as antidepressants in treating depression.

With evidence like this known to the medical community, why would doctors continue to prescribe them?  

A key ingredient may be that no mass media advertising campaign, including drug rep visits to doctors, has been run on taking placebos. Yet for the same result on patients, placebos come with no side effects and are remarkably cheap. 

Prescriptions are also how many try to ‘treat’ addiction. But what Narconon has seen is that many addicts will replace their drug addiction with the prescriptions or become cross addicted and the need for real treatment will become even greater as the addiction progresses because addicts are given more drugs.

The truth is all drugs are an unnatural substance entered into the body to hopefully produce the effect the person wants from taking the drug or that is advertised. 

However, as the DEA states, “You cannot predict the effect that a drug can have on you!”  This is true of all drugs. When drugs are labeled as controlled substances they are meant to be taken under the care of a physician for this exact reason. 

The problem arises when patients don’t report the side effects they experience or as is often the case, don’t know a certain reaction is the result of a side effect from taking a drug, and one main reaction of actually becoming dependent on the drug. 

Unfortunately some Americans will be lead to take drugs seeking a solution to their addictions as long as there are ads to promote benefits. Regardless of the short term benefits, the full side effects and the long term effects of most drugs are only partly known when a drug hits the market.

Drugs have become mainstream in society, leading to 23 million Americans addicted. It is up to the individuals to find out the truth for themselves about drugs. Narconon drug rehabilitation programs have been providing that truth about drugs and a real solution for addiction since the 1960s. 

If you would like more information on the truth about drugs or the Narconon program contact Narconon at 877-237-3307.