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Campaign signs don’t belong on state’s right-of-way PDF Print E-mail

If campaign owners haven’t removed any errant signs, they will be removed.


The Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) reminds people it is against the law to place political campaign signs, or any signs, on state highway right-of-way. Various sizes of signs usually appear along roadsides around election time and are promptly removed.

Maintenance crews of the NDOR will remove signs that are improperly placed within the state highway right-of-way.  These signs will be stored for a brief period of time in State Roads Department maintenance yards across the state, where they can be reclaimed by the owners.

This state right-of-way reminder applies to any errant plantings or harvesting operations; parked equipment or salvage items; and commercial sales or private business stands.

Those needing further information concerning the boundaries of right-of-way corridors, or seeking permit information should contact their NDOR district office, or their nearest NDOR staffed office.