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Letter to the Editor: Gratitude for Nebraska motorists PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I’m here for a few days with my wife, Sheila, and kids, Brittany and Jarod, visiting her folks, Jerry and Carolyn Harms. 

Since I have a bicycle race coming up next weekend, I had to bring my bike along to keep training.

My first ride was the home stretch from Venango to Madrid. Today, I rode from Madrid to a bit north of Haythorn Ranch. That was my first half-century ride, as they call it in bicycling lingo.

What I really want to share is a deep gratitude for the motorists of Nebraska. The amount of distance offered to me when they passed was generous and deeply appreciated. 

It was a real joy riding out here. I had no idea. Thanks Nebraska for a great stay!

James D. Lane