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Letter to the Editor: A new interest in government PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I grew up in a divided house. My mother’s family was loyal Democrats. My father a dyed-in-the-wool Republican.

Many family discussions involved the New Deal and F.D.R. Uncle Mick and Uncle Lloyd could see some benefits to the programs. Not my Dad.

Information filtered from Washington via the radio and newspaper. Many different opinions of the New Deal were held within the community.

I see a new interest in our government among the young people in our area. Amara Meyer was chosen as a delegate to the Girls Nation. 

She was a member of Girls State in 2009, selected as one of 400 attending the meeting. She will address the Republican Convention on June 3.

The American Legion and Auxiliary sponsorBoys State and Girls State. County Government Day gives a crash course in American Government.

Adrian Smith has chosen an advisory community from area high school in the Third District for those interested.

The stakes are high. I encourage everyone to attend the Republican County Convention on June 3.

Katy Carlson