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Addition to Wallace cemetery taking shape PDF Print E-mail

Work has begun on the new three-acre addition to the west of the present cemetery in Wallace.

Although quite some time will be required before it is fully developed, most of the investment was made in the first year. Contributions to the memorial fund have been most helpful in this regard.

The west fence has been removed and the new site cleared of debris and cultivated. Contractor Rich Maddox is currently engaged in the exact placing of all underground water lines.

Grass seeding will follow and then watered as needed to become established. A mixture that will require less frequent irrigation and mowing was chosen.

Somewhat later, the individual lots will be plotted and marked. The outlines for drives and parking will take shape at that time as well.

Due to the prohibitive expense of maintaining the asphalt surfacing on the original driveways, an alternate material will be used in the new addition.

The board has noted there are a number of memorials that have been made to the cemetery that are most graciously appreciated and board members also appreciate everyone for their generous support.

The planning stage has taken several years, but the addition is now beginning to take visible shape.