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Former resident takes part in Haitian relief project PDF Print E-mail

Former Perkins County resident, Dr. Tiffany Harms,   and Dr. Amanda Goodenberger graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center on May 10 and five days later were at work in a tent hospital in Port Au Prince, Haiti. They joined dozens of other volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical professionals from around the country and Canada who worked 12 and usually more hours a day each of the seven days they were there, treating Haitians with a variety of maladies in true “field hospital” conditions. 

This was the second trip to Port Au Price for Dr. Harms, formerly of Madrid. During the month of April, she traveled to Haiti with a group called “Heart to Heart International.” 

This group offers primary care, counseling, and outpatient services to the patients they see. It was during this trip, that Dr. Harms learned about the University of Miami Medishare Hospital also located in Port Au Prince.

The Medishare Hospital is a large hospital, that offers inpatient care, surgical operations, and intensive care to patients.  Dr. Harms says that she was blessed to get another opportunity to go back to Haiti and decided to go with the  Medishare group to experience a different side of patient care. 

  The 210-bed tent hospital where Dr. Harms and Dr. Goodenberger worked is sponsored by Medishare of the University of Miami Medical School in Miami, Fla. 

This hospital initially provided health care for victims of the massive earthquake that struck Haiti in mid January, a quake that killed more than 300,000 people. 

When Dr. Harms was asked to explain a typical day in the Medishare Hospital, she said, “Our day consisted of morning rounds with the inpatients. Their ailments ranged from broken bones and burns to AIDS and Malaria. I quickly learned how to draw lab samples and start IV’s, allowing me to do full spectrum care.” 































































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