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Patience and consideration for others PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

My family and I are currently in training for a 275-plus mile bike ride at the end of June to raise money for national/world hunger.  We train by riding many miles on our local highways.  Unfortunately, there are no shoulders on any of the highways in Perkins County, which can be very scary. 

We do our best to stay to the right of the white line, which is not more than a few inches wide.  Most drivers are very courteous, slow down, and move over, if possible, 

     However, on my ride this morning, a farmer blew his horn loudly behind me and flipped me off when he drove by at high speed.  I understand his frustration. Obviously I was in his way, and he was in a terrible hurry to get somewhere. But, his horn scared me to death, and I nearly crashed.  The hand gesture added insult to my already palpating heart.

    Our highways are not made for cyclists. Nor are they made for ‘oversized’, ‘wide load’ farm equipment, extra-wide sprayers, or caravans of harvest vehicles. 

It’s a fact that we live in a rural community and we deal with these small inconveniences on a daily basis. We all have to exercise a little patience sometimes.

   To the many, many of you who treat us with courtesy as we ride, THANK YOU!  To those of you who we annoy, we apologize, but ask for your patience.

    Anyone who would like to donate to the Nebraska United Methodist Bike Ride for Hunger can contact me at 352-8149, or send your donations to NUMB, 32755 Rd 764, Grant.

Alyson Carlson