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Another Perspective...Still some constants in a changing world PDF Print E-mail

Why should I be surprised that June has already slipped away? When I think I have somewhat of a free day, it seems it’s over before it ever really starts. I guess that’s better than having time drag.

You see kids that you haven’t seen for awhile and WHOA . . . Are they really that big? That applies to a seven-month-old or a 20-year-old?

Kids grow, crops grow, adults age, progress happens and change and more change flashes before our eyes day after day, year after year. 

Emphasis in change was apparent when reading over Imperial’s 125th Anniversary memoirs. 

Having lived in Chase County 90 percent of my life, I remember some of the history. When you’re there when it happens, you don’t notice the change as much. But when you reminisce, the reality of the past is so keen.

My grandpa died when he was 98. I recall him reflecting about the advent of the automobile, the airplane, radio, television, computers, space activity. He took particular interest in the change in farming and ranching. He truly felt that no other generation would probably witness that much change.

I can understand his thinking at the time BUT . . . On the contrary, I would surmise that there is now more technology change in a year than he saw in his close-to-a-century lifetime.  

When we got our first bag phone, it was so incredible that we could actually make a phone call from our car. Those are so obsolete today. Now I generally have a phone in my purse or pocket. 

My email to a friend in Denmark transfers as quickly as one to my mom one block away. Incredible!

If you lock your keys in the car, you make a phone call and . . . clunk  . . . the door unlocks. It’s magic. That’s even more significant when a young child gets locked in a hot vehicle. 

I read of a surgeon who saved a young girl’s life by doing an intricate surgery and he wasn’t even in the same hospital. That’s right, he operated the equipment by satellite from miles away.

Our computer tech can log onto my computer and see exactly what I see. It’s actually rather scary how easy it is for someone to impersonate you, making identity theft fraud more and more of a concern. 

GPS (global positioning system) capabilities can be incredibly helpful but the whole concept is actually rather scary. Is privacy an option anymore?

On a different note, I took interest in the brick laying procedure recently as I watched that age-old process. Oh my gosh. That is actually a trade that hasn’t seen much change for thousands of years. 

The mortar is mixed and the bricks are laid by hand, one brick at a time, eventually progressing into a full row, eventually making a wall. 

My mother-in-law still joins a group of church ladies who hand quilt each week. Machines have provided a whole new approach to preparing the quilt, however when the ladies receive the work of art that’s ready for hand quilting, it’s the same basic procedure. 

Thread, needles and precious hands go to work, making tiny stitches amidst bonding conversation.

You know, there are other things that haven’t changed. People are still people. Even though we function differently, we are still sensitive to the love and caring of others. Women have babies. Communities see progress because of planning and help from volunteers. 

Kids play. Even though toys of yesteryear were less sophisticated in many instances, play time was no different. It sparked creativity, make-believe living and making friends. 

As you look at old, old pictures, there are families with young growing children. They all need clothed, fed and loved. How different is that than the content of the family pictures today? Our ancestors celebrated joys, yet they faced tragedy. To me, having faith is what carries us through both. 

Praise God for progress as well as for things that do not change.