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Pitching with Pritch...Thoughts and facts on the world of sports PDF Print E-mail

Just some thoughts and facts from the last few weeks/months in sports around the world, that may or may not be interesting.

• Last Thursday’s Saints/Vikings game got the highest NFL Thursday night season opening ratings ever, and the highest NFL regular season primetime ratings since 1997.

•  How many of you think that if Boise State wins the rest of their games they belong in the BCS championship game? 

I think they are a good football team. I don’t know if they are as deep as some of the “Big Time” teams across the Nation.  But on a one time game basis, I think they can play with anybody. But Virginia Tech’s loss on Saturday didn’t help the Broncos.

• Here is my impression of Nick Saban, he is a weasel of sorts. That’s just my impression and I could be wrong, but there is something about the guy that makes me uncomfortable to listen to or watch on TV.  

I catch my self putting my billfold in my hand anytime he comes on, just for safekeeping. I cringe when he talks about loyalty, dedication, and such and think how he left the Dolphins. It’s a hard image to get out of my head.

• How long will Turner Gill last at KU. The opening loss was truly not a good start.  His athletic director resigned under a cloud of a bunch of stuff. The blogs and some of the media have already been kind of vicious to say the least and the Jayhawks have 11 more games to play. 

The AD, Lew Perkins, who hired Gill and is retiring, had his own problems.  A ticket scam inside the ticket office where five people sold or used at least 17,609 basketball tickets, 2,181 football tickets and a number of parking passes for personal use. Estimated cost to the school was between 1$ million and $3 million. 

KU’s win over Georgia Tech will keep the hounds away for the present time. 

• Maybe Lane Kiffin was a good guy at Tennessee. The university took back 25 percent of Head Men’s Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl’s salary because he admitted to misleading the NCAA in their investigation of the program.  Twenty-five percent amounts to about $2 million spread out over the remaining five years of his contract.  His assistants also lost 25 percent of their salary and all the staff was docked recruiting time next year. 

• The USA beat Russia in the World Championship quarter finals this past week during the same week of the 38th anniversary of the infamous Olympic games, where the Russians got three “Do Overs” and on the third time got a basket to defeat the USA. 

That was the first loss ever in the Olympics for a USA team. Although there was mention of revenge in the game, some of the USA players on the team are only 21 years old and something that happened 38 years ago might not mean a whole lot to them.  

One thing that mattered was that Kevin Durant proved once again that he is player.  He should be exciting to watch in years to come in any game that he plays.

• The Huskers got their expected win over Idaho and in the game intercepted a bunch of the Vandals’ passes and got two of them for “pick sixes”.  

I watched Washington on TV Saturday night and they will be a test for sure.  They have a great quarterback and receivers and a pretty good running game.  

The Huskers better not put the ball on the turf as many times as they did last week.  This will be a big test, being on the road, having a rookie quarterback etc. It is a game they need.

Congratulations to the Plainsmen volleyball and football teams for wins over the weekend. It is always nice to win the Homecoming game.  This will be another big week for the Plainsmen teams.  Come and support when you can.  

See you at the games!