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It’s a crazy busy time of year, and it’s only going to escalate. With school in session, things get revved up. 

There are places to go, things to do, and much to accomplish. That means we’re all trying to be somewhere 10 minutes ago.

I remind myself of this frequently—slow down and breathe. 

It’s a good reminder for everyone who is on the move. There are lots of kids out there who don’t stop to think about the dangers lurking at the next intersection when there’s an adult behind the wheel in a mad dash to get somewhere.

Parents-—remind your kids to watch out. That means the little ones who are afoot or on a bicycle, and your teens who are driving. Children—remind your parents of the same.

It’s too bad we don’t have the crossing guard in effect during these early weeks of school being in session.

The reason: not enough volunteers. What a shame. 

People in our community volunteer for things all the time, why not this one particular important task?

In years past, several stepped up to help the young kids across the busy crosswalk at Central Avenue on their way to the elementary and again on the way home. 

Trucks fly through here like their trailers are on fire—they spell danger. I don’t know what it would take to get them to slow down, but whatever it is needs to be done. And it needs to be done before a child or an elderly person gets hit.

Accidents happen, but we as adults need to do everything in our power to prevent a tragedy while families are scrambling around to pick up or deliver, or arrive or leave. 

Take that extra moment to look again. Take a few seconds longer to get to where you’re going by letting off the gas just a bit. Take notice of the surroundings and be on alert for those not paying attention.

Have a safe, fun, exciting fall semester with all of the hustle bustle brought about by a loving community that supports our youth in all that they do.

Jan Rahn