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Red Hatters travel to North Platte PDF Print E-mail

Fifteen ladies of Scarlet Chapeau Red Hatters traveled to North Platte on Sept. 16 and enjoyed a delicious luncheon at the North Platte Country Club. The club offers a large variety of food to tease the taste buds.  

They  then traveled north to the “Americana’s 20th Century Veterans’’ Memorial. A guide described how the memorial came about and all the different statues and the meaning behind each statue.  

The “walk of honor” is two-thirds full of bricks that honor veterans from all branches of the U.S. Military during any time period who served honorably for their country.  When the walk of honor is completed it will hold 8,000 bricks.  

Paxton has one area that lists all the residents of Paxton, there are bricks from 46 states and165 towns in Nebraska and one from Canada.  

The brick wall mural depicts the five major conflicts of the 20th century; the mural also shows the five major ethnic groups that served and the five women’s branches of service.  The Pentagon located in front of the mural in the place of mediation lists all those from Nebraska who gave of their life in the service of their country.  

The first bronze statue, “Defenders of Liberty” depicts soldiers at rest during the Korean War.  

Individual statues are in place for the Army, Navy, Marines and a nurse; there are statues of the Coast Guard and the Air Force.  

The ladies enjoyed a cool treat at Cold Stone Creamery.  Next meeting is at the new bed and breakfast in Brandon on Oct. 14.