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Another interesting week in the world of sports.You wonder sometimes what pro athletes are thinking about and then college kids are climbing into the same boat—but here goes on some of the items that I thought were interesting:

• LeBron James made the top six in most unpopular athletes in America. This is one of those lists that anyone in the public eye would probably like to stay off but LeBron went for gusto when he chose to leave Cleveland. The way he left really turned a lot of people off, to say the least.  

First of all, here are the top six most unpopular athletes according to some research company.  #1 Michael Vick,  #2 Tiger Woods, #3 Terrell Owens, #4 Chad Ochocinco, #5 Kobe Bryant,  #6 LeBron James.  As you look at them some are really understandable. 

Vick is a convicted felon, Tiger Woods can’t play golf anymore, wait that’s not the reason, Kobe Bryant walked a little bit of the same path Woods did, but a lot of people just don’t like the Lakers. Owens and Ochocinco are just morons at times. They really don’t hurt anyone and sometimes they are really good football players.  

Vick is the only one that pleaded guilty to a crime, served his time IN JAIL and then came out and got what most people would think is okay, a second chance, and he heads the list. He hasn’t been the center of problems since and he leads the list. 

Dog fighting must be a whole lot worse than Tiger and Kobe’s miscues. How did Big Ben of the Steelers and all the steroid users in baseball stay off this list?

• How about Reggie Bush’s move in giving back the Heisman before they took it from him? This drama has played out for a number of months now and Bush beat them to the punch and some people think he did a great thing in giving it up.  

Vince Young said once that he would accept it even five years later and a lot of people think he should have won it in 2005 anyway. Young later said that he didn’t want it because Bush won it and was a great player.  Bush was a great player but he was ruled ineligible for the time he was at USC.  

Bush took mucho money from an agent while he was in college and his folks had a house given to them and who knows what other stuff. But do you think that Reggie Bush was the first “Big Time” player that got some advantages pushed his way when he played in college?  I don’t. Is it right? Nope! Do you think it might have happened at Nebraska a time or two? Yep! Probably not on the same scale that was applied to Bush, but it could have very well happened.  

Now I heard on some of the “Talk Radio” programs that if Bush had to give up his, then O.J. should have to give his back.  One big difference there is that O.J. was eligible with the NCAA during his playing days.  Murder, even if you are not convicted by a jury of your peers but only in civil court, doesn’t get you jail time.  Now if O.J. had been in a “dog fighting” ring, that is a different story.  Off to jail for that one. 

The Heisman trust did say late last week that they would not give the trophy to runner-up Young but it would just be vacated for that year and that is probably a good thing.  

The Heisman trust group might have to put in the “Miss America” clause that if the winner cannot serve, then the runner-up would take his place.  Something about being the runner up and then becoming the Heisman Trophy five years later doesn’t sound right either.  

Now if USC had to give back all the money they got for the National Championship game or something like that, there might be more “institutional control” of things. But hindsight is always 20-20.

• How about the touchdown the Lions thought they had that would have won the game, but they didn’t get because the rule apparently is different in that part of the endzone than any other place?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the officials probably got it right. But what a rule when at other times all the ball has to do is break the goal line and it is a score. It can be knocked out of the players hands and it still is a score.  If it touches the pylons, it is a score. 

I have to agree with the people who think if that had been New England and Brady had thrown the pass and Randy Moss had caught it, it would have counted. But it was just the Lions who never win on the road anyway. 

I think the only group that really knew that rule were the officials and they would never probably have the chance to make that call again in their careers.  At least now the other teams know the rule. 

• Support the Plainsmen or your local team.  The kids will enjoy you being there and they are all playing without agents!  See you at the games!